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Men’s small duplex Zhongda Lottery 18.33 million: ready to return to my hometown to do business


Grand Prize winner redemption

Editor’s note: The winner from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, with a 54 yuan additional votes, won 18.33 million yuan in sports lottery.On the second day after winning the prize, he and his family went to the center to redeem the prize, and said that the winning prize was purely accidental, because a series of numbers appeared in his head, he bought a reciprocating ticket.EssenceIn terms of bonuses, he intends to return to his hometown to do some business with this bonus.

On the morning of December 16th, Mr. Cao, a prize from Hangzhou, accompanied his family and rushed to the Zhejiang Sports Lottery Management Center to receive the prize.

Mr. Cao said that it has been more than ten years to buy sports lottery, and it was originally a sports lottery ticket purchased under the recommendation of friends.From then on, I have always insisted on buying the lottery. I have spent dozens of dollars each time, and I have never won any big prizes.


Winning lottery

When it comes to the winning process, Mr. Cao said that he had no number selection skills and did not keep the number. This time the winning prize was purely accidental.In the afternoon of December 14, I felt like I came out in my mind. I went to the sports lottery physical store and bought a reciprocating ticket.At that time, I didn’t care. I woke up the next day and won the prize. When I learned that I won the 18.33 million awards, Mr. Cao was so excited.

For future plans, Mr. Cao decided to return to his hometown to do some business with this bonus.He also said that it is necessary to buy lottery rationally and keep your mind.(Zhejiang Sports Lottery)

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