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Men’s small duplex and medium -color ball 7.52 million bonuses to plan filial piety to their parents


Winning lottery

On the morning of December 27th, Mr. Liu (Hua’s surname), accompanied by the family, appeared at the Hunan Welfare Lottery Issuance Center to receive the award.It is understood that Mr. Liu bought the 2022148 China Welfare Lottery Two -color Ball Game Lottery., A total of more than 752 yuan.

Mr. Liu recalled: “I fell asleep very early on the day of the lottery, and the enthusiastic site owner called to inform me of the good news. I always chooses my own number when I buy a welfare lottery.The small prize of the hundreds of dollars. The number of this time was won in the third phase of the number after the selection. I was holding a mentality for public welfare.

As the saying goes: “A good mentality is half of the success.” In the conversation with Mr. Liu, he always maintained a calm expression, redeeming million prizes, and calming down.”I was looking forward to winning every day before, but I really won, but I was not as excited as I imagined. I have insisted on buying lottery for many years. I usually like to buy the blessing dual color ball.The Buddha’s’ “insist on buying a few bets every issue, unless I am busy. I will plan this bonus, and some of them are used to filial piety to parents, and some continue to support welfare lottery tickets and public welfare charity.”

Fucai double -colored ball, creating a blessing for dreams.Since the beginning of this year, our province has won the first prize of the first prize of the two -color ball, and it has been ending in 2022. The two -color ball game has the last issue of the lottery during the year.Lonelly!

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