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Men’s selection of “Happy 8” 5 million excitedly unable to fall asleep all night

Happy 8 so many numbers, what do you buy? Selection of the machine to help you solve the number of choices?

On the evening of November 11th, Happy 8 Game, No. 2022301, Hunan Loundi Lottery Lottery Hi Huanzhong’s only 1 bet “Selected Ten Middle Ten” prizes, a prize of 5 million yuan. The 5 million prize of this happy 8 “Selected Ten Middle Ten” is from the machine selection.

On the morning of November 14th, Mr. Zhou’s husband and wife (Hua surname) and the owners of the winning station appeared at the Hunan Provincial Welfare Lottery Distribution Center. At the scene of the prize, Mr. Zhou highlighted his winning lottery tickets. It is understood that Mr. Zhou bought Fucai for more than ten years, of which the two -color ball and happiness 8 are his favorite. “I buy dual -color balls and happy 8 every issue, and every time I have selected betting. I have always held the mentality of” I will give a loving “mentality. Happy 8. “


Winning lottery

According to Mr. Zhou’s memories: “On the 11th, I went to the site to choose 1 Happy 8 after get off work. At 11 o’clock in the evening, I had fallen asleep, and the owner called to tell me the winning. . I used to win a small prize before, and I never thought that I would win such a big prize. “Mrs. Zhou (Hua surname) added: until now I have no real sense, I can’t believe it, my hands are shaking, that night, my hands are shaking. That night The two of us didn’t fall asleep all night. “Regarding the use of bonuses, Mr. Zhou said:” I am from the countryside, and the family is not strong. The bonus will be used to improve the family life and buy a suite for children. “

The lucky site of this winning prize is the betting station No. 43088020, Loudi City. The owner introduced, “Our site is not very good, but it is a proper winning place. Awards, in October 2018, our site has played two first prizes in two -color ball, with a bonus of 12.06 million. I think it ’s good to do a good job in Fucai. This opportunity can attract more people to participate in social welfare. “

(Hunan Fucai)

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