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Men’s pond fishing power supply company is sentenced to 30% of the power supply company

There are unexpected situations, and people have a good blessing, and accidents always happen without warning. It should have been a leisurely holiday of returning home to visit relatives, but whoever wants to separate from the yin and yang. The accidental loss of relatives is distraught, and it is difficult for the victim’s family to accept it.

He Moumou, a victim in this case, is a native of Nanling. He marries a wife in Hangzhou and has a child. He will return to his hometown to visit relatives in his leisure time every year. In May 2018, He Moumou went to the pond opposite Daihuilin Farm, not far from his family during his visit to relatives, and he had not returned for a long time. At 12 noon that day, Xie Moumou, who also went to the pond, found a corpse beside the pond. After the alarm, the police surveyed on the spot and combined with the forensic doctors that the police confirmed that the palm of the deceased had current spots and the soles of the feet, which basically met the characteristics of electric shock death. It was judged that the victim had a high probability that the electric shock was killed.

After He Moumou confirmed his death, his family members repeatedly reported to the local power supply company and requested that reasonable compensation was unsuccessful. In June 2018, He Moumou sought help from the Nanyling County Legal Aid Center. The Nanyling County Legal Aid Center was reviewed that it met the acceptance conditions and designated the lawyer of the Anhui Wanling Law Firm why a certain family member provided legal assistance.

In order to understand the facts of the case in a timely manner, Lawyer Wang came to the incident to investigate under the leadership of the family members of the deceased. It was observed to find that the deceased’s place from the road to fishing should pass about 50 meters of wasteland. The roadside was full of weeds. There was actually a warning sign on the electrical pole of the crime. But it has been blocked by the surrounding barbaric growing weeds. If you don’t go through it carefully, you can’t see any warning signs. And through the naked eye observation, the high-voltage wire distance is only about four or five meters away from the ground. The final calculation result is 5.36 meters at the highest point of the incident and the high voltage line, and the lowest point is only 5.02 meters, and the DLT 5220-2005 10KV is not reached. The “non-residential area 1KV-10KV high-voltage line distance should not be less than 5.5 meters” stipulated in the technical regulations of the following air-assembly line design regulations.

The law aid lawyer combined with the situation and the information learned from all parties, basically the reason for He Moumou’s death should be that he did not put away the fishing rod during the transfer of the fishing location. The fishing rod encountered the high -voltage wire during walking and caused the electric shock. The lawyer strives to negotiate, and the forensic appraiser issues a death certificate that proves that its probability is to die in electric shock, but it does not give an exact identification conclusion.

After the case was established, the Nanling County Court opened the trial. Attorney Wang, on behalf of the plaintiff, proposed that the defendant had a fault on He Moumou’s death. The property rights of the deceased electric shock line belong to the first defendant’s local power supply company. The lawyer believes that the First Corporation should bear a relatively large proportion of compensation liability.

After the trial chief checked the scene and verified the relevant situation, the Nanling County People’s Court made a first -instance judgment on the case. The court held that the case was a highly dangerous liability dispute case, and the principle of liability for no fault should be applied. Although the defendant set a warning mark at the place of the incident, it was difficult to identify because it was negligible for management, and the height of high -voltage wire suspension was not enough. Considering the risk of the victims in this case, it has a considerable degree of fault. Therefore, the court decided in accordance with the law to determine that the defendant’s power supply company had 30%of the losses of the plaintiff’s various losses, about 269,000 yuan. After the first trial, the defendant’s unit refused to accept it. With the help of legal aid, the family members of the victims who died unexpectedly got the compensation they had. Reporter Gu Ya intern Zhou Zipei

Source: Dajiang Evening News

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