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Men’s duplex betting 5.24 million in the two -color ball was missed due to No. 1


Winning lottery

Because of the difference between the number one, I missed the second prize of the two -color ball, and Mr. Wang (Hua surname) from Chongqing Jiangjin couldn’t stop it: after the interval was only one period, November 13th, 2022130, with a “7+1” Dive bets, I won the first prize of the double -color ball, with a total of more than 5.24 million yuan.

It is a bit regrettable that the betting amount has not reached the threshold of the participation threshold of the two -color ball 12 billion yuan award “single ticket amount 20 yuan or more”, so it failed to win the special prize of the current prize.

Just missed the second prize and immediately ushered in the first prize

Recalling the situation at that time, Yi Wenxin, owner of Blessing 40150069, Tonghuang Road, Jijiang Town, Jiangjin District, still remembers the details of the ticket purchase. She said that when the ticket was issued on the day, it was almost the deadline for the sales of two -color ball.

“At that time, it was about 7:40 pm. I was busy issuing the ticket. He first got a duplex ticket of ‘7+1’, and then chased 5 bets.” Old lottery people are purchased each of each period. The first two issues have missed the second prize because they changed a red ball in the “03” and were still annoyed.

“I told him that the two -color ball was in the award, and you could participate in 20 yuan. Whether he had to add a multiples, he considered it, and he still did not double the bet.”

In the evening, the two -color ball award, Mr. Wang’s “7+1” duplex betting accurately hit, plus a total of more than 5.24 million yuan.

Unfortunately, I continued to keep betting after winning the prize

After learning that he won the prize, Mr. Wang called to Yi Wenxin as soon as possible: “Sister Yi, I know that I listened to you, doubled, it’s a pity!”

Yi Wenxin also felt a little regrettable, because the ticket was too busy at the time and did not insist on persuading. If Mr. Wang chooses double bets on the same day, not only can the bonus double, but he can also participate in the prize prize bonus of the first prize of the first prize. “Now he is still insisting on buying ‘7+1’, but they are all voted!”

In an interview, Yi Wenxin also shared an interesting episode. After purchasing the ticket, Mr. Wang left the ticket at the betting station for the convenience of redeeming the prize. After the winning information was confirmed, she held this “million lottery ticket” very nervous. Almost one night did not sleep, for fear that she would lose her ticket.

“At that time, I put the ticket in the machine, but I forgot. I found it everywhere. I thought I was lost, scared cold sweat, and found it for an hour.” Until the next day, Mr. Wang made a special trip to drive away and took away. After this ticket, she let go of her heart.

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