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Men’s capture of 14.81 million awards sharing the secret of winning-picture

After winning the award, you can sit together with celebrities to discuss what experience is the winning experience?

Mr. Qin (Hua’s surname) from Wuhan’s 14.81 million yuan prize.Sports Lottery Lotto Issue 22145, Hubei Wuhan Middle Eyes 2 Additional Prize, including the 14.81 million yuan prize winner of the 15097 generation sales point, Mr. Qin, with an appointment, and Lu Ming, the ambassador of Hubei Sportscolor Public Welfare Image Ambassador on the afternoon of December 27thThe Provincial Sports Lottery Center came to the leader of “happy meeting.”

In the redemption room, Lu Ming enthusiastically congratulated Mr. Qin’s winning awards, and then sat together to talk.Mr. Qin said that he has been buying the lottery for 5 or 6 years. The first time he bought the lottery from the influence of relatives, because the relatives just opened a lottery store, Mr. Qin learned the gameplay of the lottery, and since then he insisted on buying lottery purchase.for many years.The winning ticket was a 5 -note additional single ticket, and the 15 yuan Dalo passed ticket was 14.81 million yuan.Lu Ming said that Mr. Qin was really lucky. After all, the winning prize was followed, and it may be Mr. Qin’s sincerity that made him dream.Later, Lu Ming presented a prize to Mr. Qin and presented the sports lottery mascot Lexing.

According to Mr. Qin, in fact, on the 19th, he purchased 2 big lottery lottery tickets at the 15097 generation sales site. He made one of the morning and afternoon, but the number of the two lottery tickets was different.That one.Asked why I chose to buy the lottery in two times a day. Mr. Qin said that I felt that I would buy lottery tickets a few times a day. The chance of winning the prize would be larger. I often bought the lottery like this, and almost every time I would add.Because of this good habit, Mr. Qin won millions of yuan in prizes.

After the lottery on the evening of the 19th, Mr. Qin query the winning number through his mobile phone, and found that he was exactly the same as the lottery he bought in the afternoon!Mr. Qin compared repeatedly, and after calming his mood, he contacted his family and told them the good news.When the family heard Mr. Qin’s reward, his face was unbelievable, and he persuaded Mr. Qin not to “dream” and sober.It wasn’t until Mr. Qin sent them the winning lottery ticket that they believed that the family was so excited that it was difficult to fall asleep.After discussing with his family, Mr. Qin decided to redeem the bonus to the Provincial Sports Lottery Center on the 27th.

After finishing the re -prize procedures, Mr. Qin said that the bonus intends to share with his family. What has always been to accompany and help him is the family around him. Now the winning prize also wants to return.At the same time, Mr. Qin took the initiative to donate 50,000 yuan in love funds to do his best for public welfare.

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