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Men’s Buddhist Buddhist purchase of 11.8 million bonuses for a lot of bonuses to travel to travel

On the evening of November 13th, the Chinese Welfare Lottery Double -color Ball Game played the 2022130 Lottery. This is the sixth Phase Award of the 1.2 billion yuan prize of the two -color ball this year. In the current period, the two -color ball red ball number is 02, 08, 15, 17, 26, 28, and the blue ball number is 12.

In the current two -color ball prize, 50 bets, single injection bonuses of more than 5.22 million yuan, these 50 first prizes are placed in Jiangsu (5 bets), Shandong, Guangdong and other places. Among them, 35 bets and first prizes are special prizes, and the single bet bonus is more than 5.79 million yuan (including more than 570,000 yuan). Jiangsu Four Celebrities won the 5th prize, including 2 bets in Wuxi, 1 bet in Suzhou, 1 note of Taizhou, and 1 Suqian.

Wuxi 2 Betting Awards comes from the 32025824 stations at No. 188, Liushu Road, Dingshu Town, Dingshu Town, Yixing City. The winner is the same person. At 18:24 40 seconds on the 13th. The votes are the first prize of the first prize, the first prize of the first prize, and the second prize of the second prize, and the total bonus is more than 11.8 million yuan.

Self -forming number accident won a high prize

At 18:00 on November 13, Caimin Xiaojiang came to the Fucai Sales Station at 188 Li Shu Road, Yixing City. This is the noma who has participated in the lottery. The road is the only way for him to drive to and from Wuxi every week, and the site that pass through is where he often patronizes.

“I am the ‘Buddhist department’ lottery, the selection, investment, addition, and duplex betting are often used. This time I bought a ‘6+5’ duplex ticket. The red ball is my birthday. The arrangement has been composed of the number for a while. The blue ball was selected according to the previous lottery number. I did not expect that the meaningful number in such a group was won. ” Xiajiang introduced that when he learned that he won the prize, he was like a roller coaster, and suddenly, he thought he was dreaming.

Make force and travel to the lottery to buy lottery

Although there will be a “top spot” lottery, the high bonus seems to be magical, which attracts countless lottery people to participate, and it is also the source of the power of their lottery. Therefore, many lottery people are not carrying a rational attitude to buy lottery. For Xiaojiang, it is for Xiaojiang to participate in the plain life to bring some fun and expectations. Try your luck every time you buy a few bet numbers. Winning a prize is a good thing. Just as the “reworching and rational lottery purchase” concept advocated by the welfare lottery, Xiaojiang is the “health” lottery player who grasps the “degree” within his ability.

After finishing the re -prize procedures, when asking the plan to win the prize, Xiaojiang said happily: “For the time being, the use is not well planned. In any case, it must be reserved as a tourist fund. Let’s take a look at the great mountains of the motherland! “

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