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Men’s bile hit a two -color ball 6.16 million bonus deposits in the bank life as usual

On the evening of December 22, the 2022147th issue of the “two -color ball” was drawn. The current lottery number red ball is 30, 02, 20, 07, 03, 13, and the blue ball number is 10.There are 17 prizes nationwide, 2 bets in Guangdong Province, and 1 note of Flower Duming.

The good news came, and the first prize of the first prize, the second prize of the second prize, the third prize 54 bets, the total prize of the first prize was as high as 6.16 million yuan, of which the first prize was as high as 5.61 millionYuan.

On the morning of December 26, the 6.16 million double -color ball winner, Mr. Wu (pseudonym), appeared at the Maoming Fucai Center to redeem the prize, and collected the award into the pocket.

It seems that Mr. Wu, who is in his twenties, has a hearty personality and soon talked.”I pay attention to the first time the lottery. I knew the winning prize that night. I was very happy. I was particularly excited.”

It can be seen that Mr. Wu’s love for the two -color ball is overflowing with words. He talked about his lottery experience: “I have bought a two -color ball for many years, usually duplex and gallbladder.For research, a small prize of hundreds of yuan is often in! Buying lottery tickets is my essential entertainment method. It should be said to be part of life. “

Talking about how this time the two -color ball prize was won, Mr. Wu said that the number of winning the winning is selected by the trend map.But whether the lottery can win the prize, it is still the probability of winning and personal luck.”It is mainly to buy lottery tickets as life entertainment. The mentality of rationality is very important. The most important thing for buying lottery tickets is happiness and happiness, and don’t exceed the scope of your own afford.”

Speaking of future plans, Mr. Wu said that he was going to deposit all the bonuses into the bank, and his life continued to be as usual.When planning the purpose, use some bonuses.In the future, we will always maintain the color purchase habits and support the public welfare cause of Fucai.

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