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Men’s 924 yuan duplex Zhongda Lottery 10.12 million was excited and had not slept overnight


Grand Prize winner to receive prizes

Early in the morning on January 6, Mr. Zheng (Hua surname) portable family members went to the Zhejiang Sports Lottery Management Center to receive awards together.”After the lottery, I knew that I won the prize for the first time. I immediately told my family about the good news of the 10 million prizes. I did not expect that they were all unexpectedly calm. I took the lottery lottery and did not sleep overnight.Mr. Zheng said happily.

On January 4th, Sports Lottery Lotto 23002 Lottery was awarded, and the first prize of 3 bets in the country was in the current period.Note first prize, the ticket surface is a 11+2 duplex ticket, and the single ticket captures 10.12 million yuan.

Stories of lottery

It is understood that although Mr. Zheng has only been in contact with the sports lottery for two or three years, he is a loyal lottery buyer of Da Lotto. Duplex betting has always been his favorite betting method.In terms of number selection, Mr. Zheng has never chosen the number and has always insisted on choosing his own lucky figure.”The probability of winning the prize in duplex betting is greater. If you choose a number, I prefer to use some of the more meaningful numbers to me. This will feel more lucky. I did not expect that the carefully selected number really won the 10 million prizes.”


Winning lottery

Winning lottery

The family who came to receive the prize together said: “The most important thing for buying a lottery is to maintain a normal heart. Whether it is not winning the prize is a love, this time it is also very lucky to be able to win the prize.As always normal life. “It is worth celebrating that this is the first 10 million award in the 2023 of our province’s super Da Da Da Le. I hope that in the new year, Zhejiang Sports Lottery can usher in more blessings and surprises.Give more lucky lucky lucky luck and beauty!

Public welfare

Regarding the bonus, Mr. Zheng said that there is no plan at present, but he and his family decided to donate 20,000 yuan each to the Zhejiang Youth Development Foundation and the Zhejiang Sports Foundation, hoping to help more people in need.Gifts of roses, hand a fragrance.This is also the original intention and mission of the sports lottery. The Great Lottery Lottery of 2 yuan 1 has a public welfare fund of 0.72 yuan.Little dream, big music.It is hoped that more lottery buyers will be passed down from luck and love, so that the love of sports lottery will spread further.

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