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Men’s 2,000 yuan COSCO Music 8.6 million concealed his wife to drive alone to redeem the prize


On the evening of December 7th, the 22140th lottery number of the sports lottery is: 5, 15, 25, 26, 29+04, 12, and a total of 7 first prizes in the country.) With a “13+2” duplex ticket, the first prize of the first prize and thousands of bets for the first prize of the Lotto Lesson, a total of 8.6 million yuan.The next afternoon, he quickly came to the Provincial Sports Lottery Center to handle the redemption.

Mr. Liu is a post -80s, calm, more than ten years of buying lottery, and loves Great Lotto game.Although there was no winning prize in the past, the one of the thousands of hundreds of dollars was very content. The reason why he insisted on betting, he said that every time he got the lottery, he was full of hope and felt that life was hopeful;It will ignite again.

According to Mr. Liu, on the morning of December 6, he was betting on the Yichang 50219 Sports Lottery sales point near his home as usual. Since this number is his long -term conservation, he bought it once a week.Stay more in the store, and let the boss leave directly.

Winning lottery


On the night of the lottery, Mr. Liu did not know his prize.After waking up the next day, he searched the lottery number on his mobile phone, and gradually found “wrong”. All the numbers in the front area were selected!Both the two numbers in the back zone also hit the region, and Mr. Liu shot his thighs excitedly to confirm that he was not dreaming.He worked hard to suppress his excitement and immediately drove to Wuhan to redemption.

Mr. Liu said frankly that he learned that he won the award and did not tell anyone that he was driving a person to come to Wuhan to redeem the prize, and even his wife did not know.After he wanted to receive the bonus, he hurried home and told his family slowly!

Regarding the purchase of thousands of dollars of Lotto lottery, Mr. Liu said quickly: “This is in the scope of his ability, and it has no impact on his life.” He said that in the future, he will continue to participate in sports lottery public welfare.Sports lottery staff also reminded Mr. Liu many times that after receiving the bonus, we must maintain rational lottery and happy betting. While doing public welfare, I look forward to good luck again!

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