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Mei Kai helped the team to win Kane’s score this season second only to Harland

In the 19th round of the Premier League, Tottenham’s thorns won the Crystal Palace 4-0 away, Kane pl was twice, and Dalti and Sun Xingzhang scored.

In this game, Kane’s 2 goals in 5 minutes helped Tottenham to solve the game.

In the 48th minute, Perisic’s left side of the penalty area was passed on, and the right side of Kane’s small penalty area was pushed into the near corner.

In the 53rd minute, Gil passed the ball, and the upper right corner of Kane’s small penalty shot low into the far corner, 2-0.

After the game twice in this game, Kane has scored 15 goals in the Premier League this season. It is the second player who scored 15 goals in the five major leagues, second only to Harland, who scored 21 goals.

In addition to 15 goals, Kane also had two assists, and he directly participated in 17 goals.

It is worth mentioning that Kane has scored 46 goals in Derby Derby in the Premier League, and tied the legend of the gunman Ian Wright.ball.

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