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Mei Kai defeated Catal Valencia twice and won the best in the World Cup in the World Cup

In the early morning of Monday, Beijing time, Ecuador defeated Qatar 2-0 in the World Cup. Valencia, which was twice, was selected as the best.

In the 16th minute of the game, Valencia created a penalty and made a penalty. In the 31st minute, his header broke the goal twice.

Valencia played for 77 minutes in this campaign, and shot two shots in two goals and scored 2 goals.The success rate of passing is 62%.At the defensive level, he also contributed 1 interception and twice steals.

After the game, the scoring website also gave Valencia’s highest score at 8.8 points.

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  1. Come on Ecuador No. 13!

  2. We are proud of the professional football team for the amateur football team to easily defeat the professional football team!IntersectionIntersectionThanks to the Guoan Club for a good start, and thanks to the successful achievements of other professional club troops that have been defeated in succession!

  3. Brave and wise football warriors, good!World fans like you![Flower] [Good] [Good] [Good]

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