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Meets on the narrow road in England! Data is most likely to see 1-1 in addition


Meet in France in England

At 3 am on December 11th, Beijing time, the World Cup 1/4 finals ushered in a focus matchup. The hot England, which was also the most popular, met France on a narrow road. At the same time, it was the first time that the two teams met in the knockout of the World Championship!The official Cai Cai officially launched the 2.80 (England) 2.88 (draw) 2.30 (France) of the game. The defending champion France was slightly leading.

England is currently ranked 5th in the world, and the team is worth 1.26 billion euros, the highest among 32 teams in the World Cup.In the last round of the knockout, England won Senegal 3-0, and the Three Lions always controlled the rhythm of the game.From the group stage, England has been unbeaten in 3 wins and 1 draw. During the period, it was screaming 12 goals and only lost 2 goals.Overall, England is at the peak of combat power in recent years. The team bench has enough depth. A number of young teenagers such as Saka, Belinsham, and Fuden also blow up the youth storm. It is the team’s excellent guarantee!

The French team ranked 4th in the world. Due to the great impact of injuries in this World Cup, a number of main players such as Pogba and Kanter missed the competition.Ranking 3rd.The last game in France was also easy to win, defeating Poland with a score of 3-1, and the latter only rely on Lyan to score the penalty kick to recover the face.As of now, the record of the French World Cup is 3 wins and 1 loss, and scored 9 goals and lost 4 goals during the period. The attack lines composed of Mbappe and Girou provided sufficient fire support.However, it should be noted that the French team has lost goals in the 4 World Cup games, and the stability of the back line is insufficient. I am afraid I will be tested against England!



In terms of score odds, the minimum odds of 1-0 win from France are 1 loss of 6.9, followed by 2-1 and 2-0 win, 1 loss 8.5 and 1 loss; in England, the minimum winning compensation is 1-0 to 1-0.1 compensation 7.25, followed by 2-1 1 loss 9.5; the minimum compensation of the two parties is 1-1, 1 compensation 6.Overall, the scores on both sides have not been opened, and the data tends to the French side slightly. A fierce battle is inevitable, or a high probability of dragging into overtime or even penalty shootouts!

In addition, England and France are popular teams for the World Cup. The odds are 1 loss 6 and 1 compensation 3.75. After this game, there will be one party to say goodbye!The cruel points of competitive sports are right or wrong, only asking for strength, how can we wait and see!

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