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Mediaman: Zhang Lu was taken away with Li Tie’s case and also handcuffed him

On November 30, the media person Li Xuan revealed the details of the deep foot goalkeeper Zhang Lu in his personal Weibo.

Li Xuan wrote: Zhang Lu was indeed taken away for investigation. He was taken away at the hotel station in Jinjiang yesterday at the deep foot of Jinjiang., Also wearing handcuffs and other equipment.

Zhang Lu was related to the case of Li Tie this time.The specific situation is based on the police’s final notification.

I heard some rumors of rivers and lakes before. During the Quan Jian period, he had caused Shu Yuhui to doubt that he played a counterfeit ball because of his abnormally performed in some games.Earlier I heard that Shu Yuhui wanted to report him.

If it is confirmed that it is related to Zhang Lu’s performance during the Quanjian period, maybe Boss Yuhui really can really provide some evidence.

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  1. Zhang Lu is from Tianjin. Before black, Baidu should be Baidu, and you can see what you look like.

  2. Recall the years of steamed cages in the past, watch the current -facing railway career [Khan]

  3. Qian Quanjian boss and employees, the rice is the old, remember the past years of steamed cage [Yun Bei]

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    用户用户用户用户用户用户 12月 1, 2022 at 2:47 上午

    No picture and no truth

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    用户用户用户用户用户用户 12月 1, 2022 at 2:47 上午

    Speaking of loneliness

  6. Datou coached Guangzhou City, you do n’t watch the game, and you are blindly attracted. Be careful that you take it away!

  7. The rain is coming, the wind is already up, and the rain is coming.

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    summernightcoolsummernightcool789 12月 1, 2022 at 2:47 上午

    Ah, started

  9. At the beginning, the participants were shaking

  10. The region was black, outdated.

  11. It should be widely treated!

  12. Big head has never showed up with this?At that time, it was the celebrity of the general manager Shu Lai.

  13. Northeast China since ancient times …

  14. Can Shu Yuhui strive for lenient treatment?

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