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Mediaman: Previously, as long as Chen Yiyuan and the team, the national team had to play cards with the team

On December 30, according to the media person Li Xuan, before the 40s and the top 12, as long as the Football Association chairman Chen Yiyuan followed the team, there were people who accompanied the card at night, and the Football Association knew this situation.

Li Xuan’s Weibo was as follows:

I came to ask me if Chen Yiyuan had resigned. I don’t know about it. Now he wants to resign. I am afraid that the General Administration will not be approved. After all, the coach of the national football team selected on his appointment is responsible.

Of course, I guess he can’t be so happy now. Previously, in the national team, the 40th competition to the top 12 games. As long as he and the team, someone accompanied the card at night, card Mahjong, and played almost every night.West Asia is unhappy. This situation can manage the team, so he is called a ghost.

Everywhere in the Football Association knows his situation, whoever plays with him knows, I hope this can also be investigated to see if there is any benefit to transport.

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  1. After playing cards, then circle dance [Haha] [Haha] [Haha]

  2. Playing cards is a trivial matter, playing ball is fake [hee hee]

  3. At that time, Li Tie was poured.

  4. 壕 子 is trembling, various divert eyes [haha]

  5. Although it is also a big for dead ghost … but it is punished by sin, everyone is still very happy!

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    RealizeimplementationDream2022 12月 31, 2022 at 2:56 上午

    or he was regarded as an abandoned son. The two factions were fighting. In the dark, what the handle was caught, and there were no considerable lines in the media who could not do it.

  7. You think too much

  8. Playing cards is also playing the country

  9. The rare helper shivering for Captain Jia and shouting for Captain Jia …

  10. Captain Jia is going to Tieling to dance around the circle

  11. Captain Jia is great!

  12. How do you know that people play cards?How do the media people know everything

  13. Hurbing [hee hee] [haha]

  14. There is not much time [Haha]

  15. Which is the howling how to scold the street every day?[Ha ha ha ha]

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