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Mediaman: For the first time in the history of the Super League, the official announcement of the official announcement “OK” champion

With Beijing Guoan and Tianjin Jinmen Tiger abandoned in the final round of the Chinese Super League, Wuhan Three Towns won the league championship. The media man expressed the article that the three towns were the first official announcement in the history of the Super League.

Enron wrote on his personal Weibo: For the first time in the history of the Super League, a champion of “OK” was announced by the Chinese Super League.The unprecedented season is finally coming to an end.The staff of the Junior Federal Union preparatory team and all competition officials have worked hard, and the 18 furniture music department and the generals are not easy.Congratulations to the three towns of Wuhan, the championship is true!I hope that at the moment of the award at 17 pm tomorrow, it will be bright.It is also expected that the Chinese Super League can really return to the fans in the 2023 season.

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  1. The champion announced by the dark forces

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    Thetwokingsofwaterplants 12月 31, 2022 at 2:53 上午

    Do n’t grab this most watery?

  3. The dark forces award to the dark forces?Is the struggle with the dark forces this time?

  4. This year, it sells Guangli Wan.

  5. Sour East Find Pile ~~~~~ | 东 东 | 哈 哈 哈

  6. Regiex, everyone is also proud of defeating the three towns [laugh]

  7. Yes, the key is to grab the sour Dong, not willing![Hee hee] [Laughing Cry]

  8. What are you not pulling this sour?

  9. That is also stronger than the second place, right?

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