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Mediaman: Football Association is dissatisfied with the FA Cup finals or Easy Earth

December 17, Beijing time, according to media person Li Xuan, because the Football Association is not satisfied with the venue and supporting facilities of the Phoenix Mountain Football Stadium, the FA Cup final may be changed to other stadiums in Chengdu.

According to previous media news, the FA Cup finals between the Taishan team and the Harbor team will be determined on January 9 next year. The competition location is probably the new Phoenix Mountain Football Stadium in Chengdu.

Li Xuan revealed that the Football Association’s delegation was inspecting Chengdu in the past two days, but the problem lies with the Phoenix Mountain Football Court. The inspectors were very dissatisfied with the Phoenix Mountain venue and the stadium.The Phoenix Mountain Football Stadium has not been held before, and the conditions are very insufficient. It can be said that a piece of white paper, especially the lawn quality.

Due to the limited time of the competition, the FA Cup final is probably in Chengdu, which does not rule out the possibility of putting the game to other stadiums in Chengdu. For example, the dual -stream sports center is very qualified. The only disadvantage is not a professional football field.Of course, everything depends on the progress of the rectification of Phoenix Mountain.

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