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Mediaman: Captain Ecuader Euna originally almost almost joined Dalian

On November 21st, according to the media person Du Liyan, the Captain Euna-Valencia, the Captain Ecuador, who had performed well in the World Cup in the World Cup, originally almost joined the Dalian.

The World Cup in Qatar and Ecuador’s World Cup was unveiled. Euna Valencia opened the second half of the first half. In addition, there was a header of the goal and was invalid. Eventually, with the excellent performance of Euna Valencia, Ecuador 2-0Defeated the host Qatar.

Du Liyan revealed that Enna Valencia almost joined the Dalian in early 2018. The original plan was to arrive in Shanghai on the same day as Karasco, Gatan, and Fengte. He flew from the city of Mexico.The result did not come the next day.Because he didn’t come, Mu Xiekui stayed.

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