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Mbappe is asked who is the answer to the best player in the world is me

In the 2022 Qatar World Cup, France will compete with Argentina.

Before the start of the final, Mbappe answered a few questions.

When asked about the favorite French teammate, Mbappe’s answer was “Deng Belle”.

For the favorite Parisian teammates, Mbappe’s answer is “Ashlav”.The two just played in the semi -finals of the World Cup.

For his favorite food, Mbappe revealed that it was “Italian”.

For who can get the World Cup, Mbappe’s answer is the “French team”.

As for who is the best player in the world, Mbappe showed pride and said it was “I”.

This statement made Mbappe himself and the reporters who interviewed him laughed.

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  1. That is yes. You can also jump in the penalty area in addition to diving.Players who have no speed, I finished playing before the age of 30

  2. Hit your ass

  3. It is indeed Cristiano Ronaldo II

  4. really sour, people have taken the World Cup at the height, boasting that there is a problem?

  5. The technology of track and field Luo is not as good as Xiao Luo

  6. There is no ball skills.Only the body

  7. Get the golden ball and talk about it

  8. Ugly, ugly [Doge]

  9. Stars like this, not far, can not achieve “great”

  10. The same ridiculous as three votes as three votes.

  11. Excessive self -confidence

  12. This product is young and fast. After reaching the age of 28, watch it

  13. This person is going to win the World Cup, no one in the eyes will fly to the sky.

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    XiaoxiaoMuRainsprinkledJiangtian1 18 12 月, 2022 at 2:44 上午

    This kid is the same as Ronaldo, the ball skills are good, the character is too poor, and he is particularly proud.

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