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Masters Robertson rescued 3 matches and still out of Serbi to lose 4 innings in a row.


Neil-Robertson 4-6 Sean Murphy

In the early morning of January 9, 2023, Beijing time, the 2023 Snooker Masters ended the first day of competition.Two games ended with low-ranking players: defending Champions Neil Robertson after winning the first game, and lost 5 games in a row. Although he rescued 3 match points, he still lost to Sean with a large score of 4-6-Murphy stopped in the first round; Mark Serbi lost 4 innings after a large score of 2-2, and the big score was 2-6 to Iranian player Hussein Vaififel. He missed the second round.

The 2023 Snooker Masters was held in Alexander Palace, London, England on January 8-15, local time.From the first round to the semi -finals, the 11th game was adopted by the 11th game, and the finals were 10 wins in the finals, which were divided into two stages.

Due to the suspected fake ball case, Zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao, who were originally ranked Top16, were banned. Therefore, no Chinese players played in this master competition.The top of them participated in the Iranian player Hussein-Vaei and David Gilbert.

In the opening battle on the first day, the number one seed and defending champion Neil Robertson against the No. 9 seed Sean Murphy.

In the first game, Neil Robertson entered a faster state. With a single shot of 73 points, he won the first game with 88 (73) -39.However, since then, Sean Murphy has a bursting state, and has made 1 shot of one hundred and 3 shots 50+.(100) -1 in a row in 5 consecutive games, a large score of 5-1 overtake, and take the lead.

Although after that, Neil Robertson broke 80+ with 1 shot with 1 shot, and rescued 3 match points with 72-39, 84 (84) -7 and 104 (104) -0, chasing the score to 4-5.But at the critical moment, Sean Murphy once again played a single shot 50+, winning a game with 77 (54) -36, a large score of 6-4, and advanced to the second round.


Mark Zelby 2-6 Hussein-Va Fe

In a subsequent game, Mark Sel compared Zhao Xintong and the Hussein-Vaefiri who played the first time in the Masters for the first time.In this game, the “Mo King” did not play its own level, and even 1 shot 50+ did not play it. Instead, the firepower of Iranians opened.

In the first four innings, the two sides were not as good as the same.Walfield broke a hundred with 1 pole 50+ and 1 shot, with 62 (52) -53, 22-104, 108 (107) -8 and 19-67.However, since then, the Iranians have not given Serbie a chance, with 1 shot and 50+, with 1st and 2 shots, with 113 (99) -4, 74-31, 73 (65) -48 and 107 (104) -0 consecutive consecutive consecutive consecutive consecutive consecutive consecutive consecutiveIn the 4th innings, the score of 6-2 won, advanced to the second round.

At this point, Wafi won the first show of his master’s competition, and all won in the last three players with Serbie (2021 British Championships, 2022 British Championships, 2023 Masters), and 3 competitions in 3 gamesAll are the “three competitions” to grab the 6 -game game.Selby continued his bad record in the Masters in recent years -the three championships have not reached the semi -finals since 2014.


2023 Snooker Master Tournament Broken 100 List

In addition, the Communist Party of China made 4 shots in the first day of the competition, and Voffi contributed 2 shots.

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