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Masters Allen 0-6 for 5 consecutive years a round of Mawei 6-2 Yan Bingtao stand-in


Barry-Hawkins 6-0 Mark Allen

In the early morning of January 11, Beijing time, the 2023 Snooker Masters ended the third competition on the third competition.The No. 6 seed, the northern Ireland star Mark Allen burst into a large score 0-6 to defeat the No. 10 seed of the competition, the England player Barry Hawkins, stop the first round; and the No. 8 seed, Wales “Golden Left-hand” Mark-Williams is 90+ with a 2 shot of 2 and 1 shot, and the big score of 6-2 defeats the Battle of the England player David Gilbert in the second round.

The 2023 Snooker Masters was held in Alexander Palace, London, England on January 8-15, local time.From the first round to the semi -finals, the 11th game was adopted by the 11th game, and the finals were 10 wins in the finals, which were divided into two stages.

Due to the suspected fake ball case, Zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao, who were originally ranked Top16, were banned. Therefore, no Chinese players played in this master competition.The top of them participated in the Iranian player Hussein-Vaei and David Gilbert.

In the first two days of the game, in addition to the world’s first and No. 2 seed Ronnie O’Sullivan, the other three games were won at low ranking players: including defending champions, the top seeds of the competition, “Australian artillery”, “Australian artillery”Neil Robertson, No. 4 seed Mark Serbie, and No. 7 seed John Higgins were all eliminated.

In the first game of the 3rd game, the No. 6 seed and northern Irish star Mark Allen even burst into a small and upset.It is unpopular, in fact, it is mainly because of the score- “Little Steel Cannon” has previously played against the No. 10 seed Barry Hawkins, but never eaten zero eggs. He had swept his opponent several times before. As a result, this timeBut was swept by the opponent.

In this game, both sides were not very good. The scores of three games were still tangled, but after all, “Master Huo” was even better.With 1 shot of 1 and 1 shot of 70+, Barry Hawkins finally won 63-55, 90 (76) -5, 119 (114) -4, 79-54, 86-0, and 73-53.The big score 6-0 swept Mark Allen, who could not hit a 50+, and went into the second round smoothly.

It is worth mentioning that this is the first round of Ronnie Oshalvy in the first round of the 2018 Masters to sweep the famous Hong Kong star Fu Jiajun in the 2018 Masters.Since the “Steel Artillery” has won a round of tour in the five consecutive Masters (2019-2023) since 2018, he has tied Ding Junhui’s bad record after winning the championship (2012-2016).


Mark-Williams 6-2 David-Gilbert

In the subsequent second game, the No. 8 Seed, Wales “Golden Left-Hand” Mark Williams Vote No. 16 Seeds, England Player David Gilbert — the latter is the replacement of Yan Bingtao who was banned.of.

In this game, the firepower of both sides was not bad, and a total of 2 shots were scored and 5+.In the first three innings, Mark Williams made 90+ with 2 shots and 1 shot, with 126 (126) -0, 127 (127) -8 and 95 (95) -0 a consecutive inning for one shot.3-0 lead.In the fourth inning, although he did not score a single shot of 50+ or more, he still won a game with 71-49, and he entered the midfield to rest with a large score of 4-0.


2023 Snooker Master Tournament Broken 100 List

However, the rest of the rest, David Gilbert’s firepower was strong. In the fifth and sixth innings, with 2 shots 50+, he used 65 (59) -8 and 80 (80) -42 consecutive games.The big score is chased into 2-4.

But at the critical moment, David Gilbert failed to seize the opportunity. Although he scored 55 points and 64 points in the seventh and eighth innings, it was also by Mark Williams for 2 consecutive games with 75-71.(55) and 69-64 (64) realize a single game reversal.In the end, the “Golden Left Hand” won with a large score of 6-2 and advanced to the second round.

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