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Master Saishalin 2 Breaks a hundred 6-1 promotion to Higgins Boom 142 and still out of the game


Ronnie Okine 6-1 Luca Blachel

In the early morning of January 10, 2023, Beijing time, the 2023 Snooker Masters ended the next day.Now the world’s first, the No. 2 seed Ronnie Oshalie, relied on 2 shots to break a hundred and 2 shots and 50+, and easily won the 6-1 victory competition, and the Belgian player Luca Blachel, advancedThe second round; and the Seed 7 of the Restaurant, the “Witcher” of Scotland, John Higgins, scored 142 points for a single shot, but still lost to the 11th seed of the competition with a large score of 3-6, and the England player Jack Lisovsky,Stop the first round.

The 2023 Snooker Masters was held in Alexander Palace, London, England on January 8-15, local time.From the first round to the semi -finals, the 11th game was adopted by the 11th game, and the finals were 10 wins in the finals, which were divided into two stages.

Due to the suspected fake ball case, Zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao, who were originally ranked Top16, were banned. Therefore, no Chinese players played in this master competition.The top of them participated in the Iranian player Hussein-Vaei and David Gilbert.

In the first day of the competition, the two games ended with low ranking players: defending Champions Neil Robertson lost 5 games in a row after winning the first game.Full to Sean Murphy, stop in the first round; Mark Serbi is after a large score of 2-2, and lost 4 innings in a row, and the big score is 2-6 to Iranian player Hussein-Wafi.Two rounds.


Ronnie Okine VS Luca Brechelka

In the first game the next day, the No. 2 seed, the world’s first Ronnie Oshalin Welcome Games No. 13 Seeds, and Belgian Luca Blachel.This is the fifth confrontation between the two sides. In the first four times, the “Rockets” 3 wins and 1 loss occupied the upper hand, and this game is no exception.

As soon as the competition came up, O’Sullivan blasted 97 points in a single shot, and he was in a row with 108 (97) -4, 60-57, and 71-56 winning 3 games in a row, leading a big score of 3-0.Brechett took a single shot 100 points in the fourth inning and pulled back a game with 100 (100) -0.However, since then, the “Rockets” firepower was fully opened, and no chance to give the opponent at all. One successive scored 2 shots to break a hundred and 1 shot 50+, with 134 (134) -0, 104 (104) -11 and 61 (53) -14Victory 3 more innings, the big score is 6-1, and the opponent is promoted to the second round.


John Higgins VS Luca-Brechelka

In the subsequent second game, the No. 7 Seed, Scottish “Witcher” John Higgins No. 11 Seeds, and England player Jack Lisovsky.The two sides have previously played 8 times, and the “Witcher” 6 wins and 2 losses occupy an absolute advantage, but the results of this game are the opposite.


John Higgins 3-6 Jack Lesovsky

It can be said that the firepower of the two sides was very fierce, and a total of 2 shots were scored and 5+.In the first two innings, Lisovsky won 2 rounds with 1 shot 60+ with 60-40 and 89 (68) -5, leading 2-0.In the third game, John Higgins bumped 142 points for a single shot, and pulled back a round with 142 (142) -0. 142 points were the highest score of the single shot so far.However, in the fourth inning, the “Little Driver” once again scored a single shot of 88 points, winning a game with 96 (88) -0, leading a big score of 3-1.


2023 Snooker Master Tournament Broken 100 List

In the fifth game, the “Witcher” once again scored a single shot 79 points, chasing another game with 79 (79) -3, and a large score of 2-3 behind.However, since then, Lisovsky played another one more than a hundred, with 101 (100) -20 and 65-55 consecutive victories, and the big score was the first to get the game point.Although John Higgins rescued 1 match point with a single shot in the eighth inning with a single shot of 65 points, 70 (65) -31, the ninth inning, Lisovsky rely on a single shot 93 points, 104 (93)-14 won a game, and the score of 6-3 advanced to the second round.

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