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Marca: Cristiano Ronaldo has two major choices to join Newcastle or go to Saudi League

In the early morning of Wednesday, Beijing time, Manchester United officially announced that Ronaldo left the team and the agreement immediately took effect.

The future of Ronaldo is not clear.

The Maca famous Felix believes that Ronaldo has two choices in the future, one is to stay in the Premier League, the other is to go to Saudi Arabia.

Felix believes that Ronaldo chooses between the Alnasser and Newcastle in Saudi Arabia, and the two clubs are the same Saudi boss.

Newcastle wants to introduce Cristiano Ronaldo this summer, and they can introduce Cristiano Ronaldo for free in the winter transfer market.

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  1. Is it not fragrant to go to the Grand League? Intersection Or you can go to the J League.

  2. Cristiano Ronaldo can consider joining Chelsea

  3. Saudi Arabia is very strong. You can go to

  4. Argentina has been out of half legs. Internet red powder still worried about how much will you be lost in the next two games [hee hee]

  5. Mexico often often often Win Argentina

  6. Are you still worrying about Argentina if Argentina will defeat three consecutive

  7. Do you still think about the penalty to score the goal? How does Argentina lose the sixth place in Asia?

  8. Guess it, can Saudi Arabia win Argentina?

  9. I am Rio Messi, I am now panicked

  10. Dynamic [Applause] [Applause] [喜] [喜] [喜] [Hi]

  11. may be retired directly. | A Luo believes in the world, tell the world, you are going to Saudi Arabia for gold …

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