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Mancini: Our opponents are the best teams in the world to make mistakes in the world

Italy will compete for the top four seats in the European Cup in Munich and Belgium. The coach Manchini said at the press conference before the game that Italy will take me as the main and the least mistakes.

Manchini said: “We will kick our own game, and we clearly realize that at this moment, we face the best teams in the world. If they rank top in the FIFA list for 3 consecutive years,It means that they have performed very well for a long time, but we will still play in our own way.

“When you enter the 1/4 final of the knockout match, there will be no more relaxed games. If progress is not as expected, we can make some adjustments on a long way, but we have a constant play style, and Belgium is also.So. I believe the game will be wonderful, and the winner will be the team with the least mistakes. “

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