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Manchini cried: never dare to want to surpass everything with Viary like this

Italian penalty kick defeated the host England, won the European Cup championship, and also cried after the matchmaker, who has always been a man, and hugs the members of the coaching team and players.[See expert prediction! Help the lottery profit!] [Download app to see data prediction]

Manchini said, “I never dare to think so, but the guys are very good. I have nothing to say to them, this is a great team. This team has grown a lot, but I think it is still stillCan be improved. We are happy for the Italians.

“This is not an easy game. It became very difficult after the goal, but later we dominated the game. On the penalty, you need a little luck, and I feel a little regretful for England.”

Speaking of the leader of Viali, “our friendship surpasses everything, because Sampdoria has surpassed everything, and today there is a completeness. But I must say that the guys perform incredible today.”

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