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Manchester United’s 6 -game winning streak!The Premier League stands only behind Manchester City 1 point

On Tuesday, Manchester United won Burnemouth 3-0 in the Premier League. After winning this victory, Manchester United’s various events have achieved 6 consecutive victories, and the team has also consolidated the fourth position of the Premier League.

After losing to Aston Vera 1 to 3 on November 6th, Manchester United won.

They defeated Fulham 2-1 in the Premier League, defeated the Nottingham Forest 3-0 at home, defeated the Wolves 1-0 away, and won 3-0 at home.In addition, they also eliminated Aston Vera 4 to 2 in the League Cup and eliminated Bernel 2-0.

In fact.Manchester United lost only one game in the last 16 games, 2 games, and the two games were 0-0 Pingcasr, and 1 to 1 Ping Chelsea.

In the Premier League standings, Manchester United now ranks fourth with 35 points, and the fifth spurs have 5 points.And Manchester United’s second Manchester City is only 1 point.

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  1. Then fight Manman and Nana, it is the key to survive!

  2. Is it over?Follow your Cristiano Ronaldo to go to Riya?

  3. Reply
    Mobileattendancesign-incheck-in 1月 4, 2023 at 2:19 上午

    Fans can no longer answer without Ronaldo 18 goals, what kind of question of Manchester United will be … The Premier League runner -up has created the worst history, the most tragedy, the minimum goal record history because Cristiano Ronaldo joined.Manchester United returned to its peak, is the tumor attribute clean?

  4. Manchester United Rise

  5. This is a rushing Ronaldo

  6. Without 18 goals of Lishu, other teammates will get 40 goals

  7. Reply
    Sometimesconfusedlove 1月 4, 2023 at 2:19 上午

    What can I do?It can only be reduced to the Champions League, or even from the sixth place to the first place

  8. Reply
    XiaoDaisflickeringandnotflickering 1月 4, 2023 at 2:19 上午

    Morgan will say: Knowing that you win, but a 3 goals in a family … too much.[Not easy]

  9. people do not know how to answer!

  10. Where can I see that the Saudi League is very urgent to perform [Steel Erner]

  11. Manchester United, a young man who does not eat the Saudi king recipes, is too sensible, I don’t know?

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