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Manchester United hit 1.1 billion pounds is all his dominance!Should he be responsible for the feathers in this place?


Woodword Gong and Live, how to evaluate it?

“I am honored to serve this great club and fans.

On the morning of the 6th local time, the Manchester United Club officially announced that Ed Woodward, who was nicknamed by fans, will leave on February 1, and the executive director of the group Richard- Arnold will be the position of CEO of the club.

In the official announcement, Arnold used this sentence to declare his attitude and determination to work for the club, and this sentence also announced the results of Woodword’s work in the past 9 years to a certain extent: it did not help the team to cast down brilliant.

For Manchester United, in the past 9 years, they have experienced many turns.

The successor of Ferguson’s choice -Moyas only left a few months in the Department of Furniture Music; Van Garl’s three -back tactical reform was hit by the English media and opponents; Mourinho brought them to them. A few impressive trophy, but what impressive is the unusual chamber of the locker at the end of the coaching; Solskia, who is the famous club, urgently took over at the time of crisis, leaving a high and low coaching coaching at a time score:

From the reversal of Paris Saint-Germain from the Prince Park Stadium to Liverpool 0-5 Liverpool 0-5.

Even if you have experienced so many dramatic plots, all the beginnings are actually derived from the summer of 2013, when Woodward took office.

In the summer of 2013, Manchester United lost not only Ferguson, but also Ferguson and David Gil.

Prior to this, although Woodward had worked for Manchester United and the Graed family behind him, he did not really go deep into the club, let alone professional football affairs. So in the summer, Manchester United was given to a coach who coached Everton and a manager considered by the banker.

As the vice chairman of the executive and the head of the club, Woodward needs to face professional work such as the transfer market.

Bell, Tiago, and Fabredas, a series of loud names jumped on the media’s paper, also evoked the expectations of Manchester United fans. Waiting for his own Everton general -Felryni.

What makes people even more unacceptable is that if Manchester United acts early, Felilei’s transfer fee can actually be millions of pounds cheaper.

In the first transfer window, Woodward exposed his deficiencies at the professional level.

Ferguson said before his departure that he left a set of championships that won the Premier League, but in fact, only he could rely on that set of people to win the Premier League champion. It was difficult for the club to support the support of the club, which made Woodword shot again in the winter window.

It is not harmonious from Chelsea’s introduction to Mourinho, but has previously helped Chelsea’s important player to win the championship -Mata.

From a certain perspective, Marta’s Manchester United career cannot be regarded as a failure. In the hands of several coach, he played a very important role, but in just a few months in 2014, he came to a helicopter. He couldn’t save Moyes in the fire.

After failing to get the Champions League seat, Moyas became a victim.

Leading the slightly old Dutch in the World Cup, Van Gal once made Manchester United fans see hope for a time. The coach who was obsessed with young players quickly created a young Manchester United, but it was also a immature Manchester United Essence

Whether it is Macnir, Blaquitt, or Depe and Marshall introduced by the Youth Training Academy, they have failed to reach the height of the fans’ expectations, but during Van Gal, Manchester United re -won at least a championship Essence

Although it is just a Football Cup.

During the Vankal period, Woodword introduced his first Big Name-Di Mary.

The Argentine people have always been difficult to stand in Manchester United. The Real Madrid ware -£ 60 million of the club has never been able to become a long machine in Van Garr’s plan. Since then, he has written foreshadowing for the big -name players introduced by Woodword.

In the early days of Mourinho, Woodword began to support the coach, from big -name players such as Pogba, Ibrahimova, Lukaku to Lindlerov, Fred, Dallow, and other backbone, Woodword One by one, it only rejected Mourinho’s request to introduce defender in the summer of 2018.

This decision led to the continuous collapse of Mourinho’s end -of -term coaching. The record was declining, the generals, and the division of the locker room. It also gave Solskia a chance to take office in Manchester United.

In the past three years of Solskia, Manchester United’s transfer expenditure has exceeded 100 million pounds each year.

In this way, Woodword took the nine years of Manchester United, and the total transfer fee reached an amazing £ 1.25.4 million. It has not brought a championship trophy to Manchester United, which has become a major regret for Woodward.

In the past nine years, more than 1.1 billion transfer spending, Manchester United has won very little honor. The UEFA Cup, Football Cup, League Cup, and warm -ups have a stronger community shield cup.

Fortunately, even if it took out 1.1 billion pounds, Manchester United’s family was not hollowed out. At the financial and business level, Woodward showed his professionalism as a banker. Although the record was not good, Manchester United’s commercial value was second only to Real Madrid, and it was still the best advertising display board for England football. Manchester United’s revenue rose from 580 million US dollars in the 12/13 season to $ 670 million in the 20/21 season. Don’t forget that this is the result of the epidemic. In the 18/19 season before the epidemic, Manchester United’s revenue reached a record $ 850 million. There is no doubt that Woodword contributes.

Today, Manchester United has entered a new era.

As the business director of the club’s sponsorship business, commodity clothing, product permits and digital media business for the club’s previous management and development of the club, Arnold can be described as helping Woodward to make money. His handwriting.

Unlike Woodword, in the British media reports, Arnold even wanted to hand over football affairs to football director, Mattef, and technical director Fletcher and other professionals. Turks were based on Woodword’s lessons for failure in the past nine years.

And Manchester United still takes time to recast glory.

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  1. They are all puppets, who are responsible for back.

  2. They are all puppets. Winning or losing does not matter.

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    Secondresurrecteddeadvineoldtree 11月 16, 2022 at 2:44 下午

    Back a pot for the boss.

  4. Buyers are not a problem. The key is that several consecutive coaches are too vegetables, and they have not played the advantages of good players. In addition to the Dutch coach, which other is reliable? It is the current Langnick, 4222 is completely wrong, and I wonder if he understands the 4222 system.

  5. Reply
    Landiesmallyellowdragon 11月 16, 2022 at 2:44 下午

    The question was that the players he introduced did not play! Which manager will support it? The players did not clean up, and there were 6 guards in the inside, and they all had to pay! After taking office in Solskia, he was cleaned at the same time!

  6. Woodword Gong, how to evaluate? Xiaobian, he has merit? Did you have breakfast?

  7. Quan special Lai Ron!

  8. San Dezi changes Erdezi. If you change the soup, there is a hammer. Well, if you see it, please help directly to knock on a stick, just take it for the heavens. Thank you for everyone

  9. The player has bought it, but the coach is a hi, can you win the championship without a famous coach? Intersection In these years, Chef Fan and Mu Bird won the championship. Moyeus is still tender, and Suo He will not talk about it.

  10. Sad Mu Hei [Hee Hee]

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