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Manchester City’s 4th consecutive victory over Chelsea and do not lose 1 goal in history.

In the early morning of January 6, Beijing time, Manchester City defeated Chelsea 1-0 in a focal battle in the Premier League, and Machus scored the only goal in the game.

It is worth mentioning that since the Champions League final lost to Chelsea in 2021, Manchester City has achieved 4 consecutive victories against Chelsea, and has not lost 1 goal.

In 4 games, Manchester City won 1-0 and 1 game won 2-0.

For Chelsea’s four-game winning streak and no ball, Manchester City is the second team in history, and the first one is Bolton from 1958 to 1960.

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  1. can be rushed, okay, Kaipa is water ,,,

  2. The most critical battle lost

  3. Your mother -in -law father was afraid of gourd face and took off its underwear because he was afraid of Guagua.You can only play all the players and sanitary aunts as internal ghosts.Then let the results go down.Let yourself be fired and collect liquidated damages.In the end, I fled Gua Shuai and was afraid of fighting every year.Gourd to this day with a total of three Pacific Champions League.Afraid of laughed at your mouth?

  4. You have to see that the ball is far from the goalkeeper from multiple angles.The goalkeeper does not touch the ball.

  5. This is enough, Manchester City is one step away from that year

  6. The car just won the Champions League final

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