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Male teachers selected 258 million dual -color balls: continue to live ordinary people’s lives


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Editor’s note: On December 3, 2022, Beijing time, the highly anticipated Qatar World Cup started fiercely, and Sina Lottery also opened the “Review of the Great Award of 100 million yuan in the domestic lottery market”.At the same time, take you to revisit the excitement of the giant prizes in those years!Today I shared with Mr. He (Hua Name) from Henan Caimin. In 2010, he chose a two -color ball of 258 million awards. He calmly said when he redeemed the prize: “No winning is also supporting public welfare.Support public welfare. “

On October 5, 2010, the two -color ball was awarded the 2010116th issue. In the current period, 54 injections and 54 injections in the country were divided into 4 places, and a single bet was 5.16 million yuan.Among them, Henan 51 bets, Hebei, Shanghai, and Shandong each.Among them, the 1st site of Henan Zhumadian has won 50 first prizes, with a total bonus of 258 million yuan, and the betting method is a 50 -fold single ticket with 100 yuan betting!At 5 or 6 pm on October 11, 2010, the winner of the 258 million yuan award in Henan appeared to lead his great prize.

Male teacher wearing sunglasses low -key collar award winning number is 50 times the machine selection

On the afternoon of October 11, 2010, Mr. He, the winner of the 258 million yuan prize in Henan, who completed the redeemed award, was interviewed by the media in a low -key media. He was engaged in education. He was also wearing it when he redeemed the prize. He did not deliberately decorate it.Henan Fucai considers the security, and did not disclose the re -prize process, and did not hold a prize ceremony.During the interview, Mr. He, a prize winner, was very rich in the prize pool funds at the time, and naturally thought of 359 million yuan and 259 million yuan of luck, so he wanted to try it. He didn’t think too much.Unexpectedly, miracles really happened.After winning the prize first, I feel really lucky.


258 million yuan lottery lottery and redemption list

Love donation 10.5 million yuan on the spot

After winning such a big prize, Mr. He donated 10.5 million yuan to the Henan Charity Federation.According to reports, at the time of handling the re -prize procedures, Mr. He took the initiative to take out 10.5 million yuan from the winning bonus and donated to the Henan Charity Federation.Compared with the 359 million yuan winners of the 359 million yuan prize winner and the Shanghai Awards of 259 million yuan, it is at the forefront of a single donation record in the domestic lottery.It is reported that this number of 10.5 million yuan is related to the winning date of October 5.According to the relevant provisions of my country’s personal income tax law, Mr. He’s donation of 10.5 million yuan will avoid personal income tax.


Re -prize -related bills and donation certificates

Personal income tax is 49.506 million yuan.

According to reports, Mr. He’s redemption process was carried out under the supervision of the responsible comrades of the relevant departments, and all participants signed a secret commitment.Among the 258030.2 billion yuan bonuses of the institute, except for Mr. He donated 10.5 million yuan, he eventually paid 4950.604 million yuan in personal income tax.According to the local local tax and provincial and local tax bureaus, with the approval of the provincial and local tax bureaus, personal income tax is withdrawn to the local local tax department.It is understood that the award was paid in the form of cash checks. After donation and personal income tax, Mr. He finally received 198 million yuan.

Life in ordinary people continues to participate in public welfare undertakings

Mr. He said that there is no detailed plan for the life after winning the prize, but the current lifestyle will not change much, and it will continue the life of ordinary people.

“Buying lottery tickets is equivalent to donating love for social charity. It is also a donation without winning.And will choose to continue to support and participate in social welfare undertakings in a personal way.

Today, 12 years later, I still feel the sincerity and kindness of the 258 million giant winners at that time!The prize on October 5, so decisively chose to donate 10.5 million to support public welfare.How much if you are preparing to win the prize?Nowadays, the winter of 2022 Qatar, not only the betting passion brought by the World Cup, but also the ten million prizes of the number of digital lottery and the 100 million yuan award.Don’t stop the prize, harvest your own surprise!(Henan Fucai)

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