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make a record!Guoan in 2001, a new star, Jiang Wenhao staged a goal to become a famous show

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In the AFC Champions League in the AFC Champions League against the Philippine Liancheng FC, it has excellent performance. The team scored a goal by Jiang Wenhao in 39 seconds in the opening. After scoring the goal, Jiang Wenhao also celebrated his passion. The core of the national security echelon in 2001 has been favored by fans. For the first time, he emerged in Guoan to represent the Guoan echelon in the U19 Youth Super League.

At that time, the coach Lebei, who led the team, evaluated Jiang Wenhao very high, and felt that he would definitely go further in the future. On the one hand, Jiang Wenhao was a left -foot player who played his brain to play. On the other hand, he had a very strong battle on his body. Attributes, as long as you kick on the court for a minute, you will work hard. Jiang Wenhao’s first play in the professional league was the FA Cup last season. In order to defend the AFC Champions League, Guoan asked the reserve team to play the Football Association Cup.

Jiang Wenhao was therefore the opportunity to start in the Football Association Cup. He was not afraid of the field in the game. The organization scheduling ability was quite good, and it felt like a general. In addition, Jiang Wenhao is very mental quality. He can calmly cope with no matter what opponents he kicks. Jiang Wenhao relied on his good performance on the Football Association Cup and worked hard in winter training, and was promoted to the first team by Guoan.

Although Jiang Wenhao did not get the Super League in the new season and represents the first team of Guoan, his potential has been optimistic about many fans. Guoan sent the reserve team to fight the AFC Champions League this time, and gave Jiang Wenhao the opportunity to pick the beam in the competition. Jiang Wenhao scored a wonderful goal and staged a good show.

This goal will have a very profound impact on Jiang Wenhao’s career. Perhaps he can usher in the peak of his career, and in the future, he will play the Guoan Super League in the future. It is hoped that this talented national security midfielder star can continue the AFC Champions League to continue to the Chinese Super League. In the future, it will really stand firm in the first team to realize the dream of playing the team’s main force.

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