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Madexing: The South Korean team misses the best opportunity to win 1 point to accept!

Source: Madexing Dexing Club

Miss the opportunity

After the Saudi team and the Japanese team successively defeated the World Champion Argentina and the German team, could the last Korean team in Asia showed another world champion Uruguay again? This is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the Battle of Ukhan, and it is also the most concerned about Asian fans. After all, the Asian football has rare when the World Cup starts this World Cup. However, it is a pity that whether Sun Xingyi or Huang Yifu, such as Sun Xingyi or Huang Yifu, failed to show the level of the due level in Europe, scored 1 point with 0-0 words and Uruguay. Of course, this draw is also acceptable, but the South Korean team missed the best opportunity to fight for qualifications.


Kick out the best Asian team

It should be said that the South Korean team may be the best Asian team since the start of the World Cup. Compared with the awe of the host Qatar team and the full -effort of the Iranian team, the South Korean team held a lot from the moment of the whistle, and even in the previous few minutes, the Uruguay team could bring the ball into the Korean team’s half half of the recipe of the South Korean team. In the field, this momentum shows the confidence and courage of the Korean team’s ambition to get 3 points, because after the Japanese team shouted to enter the quarterfinals of the World Cup, the South Korean team also set the goal of this World Cup. Of course Bigrine than the Japanese team, otherwise it is impossible to prove the status of Koreans in Asian football. The quarterfinals are also the goal of the South Korean team this time. Of course, in contrast, the media and fans in South Korea are still more rational and calm, thinking that the group qualifying is a more pragmatic goal.

Judging from the start of the game, the South Korean team is indeed fully prepared. In the fight with the Uruguay, especially in the one -on -one fight, there is no disadvantage. The on -site rush is good. The whole momentum looked a little unable to fight the Uruguay. I have to say that as a team with the largest number of continuous participation in the World Cup on behalf of Asia, the heritage of Korean football is difficult to compare with “raw melon eggs” like Qatar. “You can learn.

Moreover, compared to the Japanese team’s “rubbing” in the halftime for a long time, the Japanese team was “rubbed” in the half -time game. The South Korean team did not appear in the game with Uruguay. Even after the 15 minutes before and the “three -board ax” were finished, the team began to recover to choose to stand and stand for a good team, and it was not suppressed by the Uruguay team. During the counterattack, the South Korean team also created a good opportunity.

Throughout the game, the South Korean team’s success is mainly two points. The first is to make full use of the absolute speed. Because Uruguay players, especially defensive players, are relatively slow in terms of speed, Korean players have exerted their own absolute speed and caused a lot of threat to each other. The second is to emphasize the speed and rate in the conversion, especially the speed when the attack is turned off. Because these two points are doing well, the South Korean team is greatly threatened in the counterattack, and it has also created opportunities in the offensive.

The overall tactical arrangement of the South Korean team in this game is still quite successful. It is also the 433 formation arrangement. The choice is the “Triangle” position, not the “inverted triangle” standing position. Essence But in actual combat, Zheng Yourong focused on defense. Moreover, after the whole team was recycled, the team presented a 442 formation in the defense. On the 10th, Li Zaicheng’s position was even more forward. The position is left to the front, I am afraid that it is also out of the speed in the backbone of Sun Xingzhang.


The break -up status of the front line

Unfortunately, the Korean team’s front players have been in a bad state recently. Like Huang Yidu on the 16th, Huang Yidu could not find the next family. Although he was leased to Greece after transferring to the Premier League, he had been put into the reserve team before returning to the South Korean team. So there is no state. As for Sun Xingyu, there is no need to say more about the situation. In addition, Huang Xican had to lack this game because of injuries, so the Korean team seemed to be very strong, but there were really a few who were actually used. When you choose to shoot, you are not the first to choose a shot, but to take another step, and then there will be no chance, or there are various waves. The old problem of Korean football front players once again appeared again in this game. As a result, creating opportunities and unable to break the door.

Of course, the final result of 0-0 is completely acceptable for the South Korean team. To some extent, it is also a true portrayal of the game. Both sides have a chance. What’s more, the South Korean team was hit by the Uruguay team twice in this game. If you want to say regret, the Uruguay team must feel even more unfortunate. Luck is not on his side at all, once in the upper and second half!

But from the perspective of qualifying, I am afraid that this result makes the South Korean team even more regrettable, because if you want to qualify, the South Korean team needs to win at least one goal, and the first game is obviously more valued by the South Korean team. Because the Uruguay team seems very strong, in fact, it is very important that the Uruguay team belongs to the “slow hot” team when participating in the World Cup. As the game deepen, it will be relatively better. For example, in the last Russian World Cup, although it was 1-0 victory over the Egyptian team in the first game, it was only a lore in the 89th minute; in 2014, the first round was lost to Costa Rica by 1 to 3, but then It is still successfully available from the group; although the 2010 World Cup has achieved the best results in recent times, the first battle was to draw the French team 0-0; the 2002 Korea -Japan World Cup match was lost to Denmark 1-2. In this case, if the South Korean team wants to qualify from this group, it needs to “start”! In the 2010 South Africa World Cup, the South Korean team was promoted to the top 16 in the overseas World Cup. The Greek team was unusually key in the first round. The last 2018 Russia World Cup was 0-1 loss Sweden, and the 2014 Brazil World Cup was 1-1 Ping Russia. To a certain extent, in this World Cup competition, the situation of the traditional strong team is generally better than one player, in popular terms, “low open and high”; and the Asian team because of the lack of this kind of competition, Basically, they are all showing the trend of “high opening and low”. Because of this, it can catch the “slow heat” of the Uruguay team and strive for the opening of the door to lay the foundation for the future. Therefore, the failure of these 3 points will make the South Korean team’s subsequent situation more difficult.

However, the South Korean team can grab these 1 points, which is already the seventh point in the Asian team in this World Cup. It is regrettable that the team’s failure to break the history of the World Cup, but returning to Asia after 20 years after the World Cup, the Asian team is at least fighting, and even rarely “raised his eyebrows”! Therefore, in the next, whether it is the Korean team or other Asian teams, if you want to fight for promotion, you will still face suffering.

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