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Madexing: Smoking is waiting for rebirth-2022 Super League summary 1

Source: Madexing Dexing Club

Living is hope

On December 31, 2022, the preparatory team of the China Professional Football Club Federation was awarding the awards ceremony at the Wuhan Olympic Sports Center. As a promoted horse, Wuhan Three Town of Wuhan won 34 wins, 3 draws, 6 losses and 78 points.The advantage overwhelmed the defending champion Shandong Taishan to the championship, and took the championship trophy from Shi Qiang, the head of the Football Association (preparatory group).This has also announced the tenth champion team in Chinese professional football, and the three towns and three years of three years, from China B to China A, to the Super League, also set a new record since the professionalization of Chinese football.At this point, the bumpy 2022 Chinese Super League finally ended.


The Super League is still alive

Although the Super League of the season has been criticized by the outside world in the past, due to the influence of the objective environment during the period, many teams have to abandon the game because they cannot make up for them.The away system and some teams had to return to the neutral competition again, and after bumps and twists and turns.However, as the popular TV series “The World” theme song was sung in the theme song of the popular TV series last year: “The trains of the years do not stop, the suffering of the world, love is discrete, rain is about to fall …, Life Xiangyang, growing with everything in this soil. “Chinese football is still” alive “!

Before the 2021 season began, when the Champions Jiangsu team announced the withdrawal, how many people sighed, and even determined that Chinese football was completely finished.But two years later, the Super League was still alive.Whether it is “stealing” or “living”, in the face of the real environment and status of Chinese society, Chinese football, which depends on Chinese society, has not completely disappeared from the land of Shenzhou.When you do n’t see it, when you open the Phoenix Mountain Football Stadium and re -welcome the fans after the epidemic, more than 30,000 enthusiastic fans burst into the stadium, letting people deeply feel that Chinese football will not only be because of all kinds of current various currents because of the current various currents.The dilemma and confusion are stunned. On the contrary, the fire of such a star is exactly the hope of the rebirth of Chinese football Nirvana.

As the old and the old welcoming the new, the scene of Chinese football continued to emerge, and after a year, we did not know if we had hope because of life or because of hope, but we knew deeply:The moment of Chinese football is only a short moment, and it is more injured or even painful, but we will not completely abandon Chinese football.Just like life, this way is always more bitter than that, but we still feel that the world is worth it.After the end of the Qatar World Cup qualifiers at the beginning of the year, especially after the Chinese men’s football team lost to the Vietnamese team at a historic, we once again determined that Chinese football was finished again, but the Chinese Super League still overcome itAfter the difficulties that outsiders are unimaginable, restart.Under the impact of the epidemic, the Super League had to do it as usual during the Qatar World Cup, and someone was feeling that no one watched it, but the Chinese Super League was an end before the New Year’s arrival, although such a sentence was not perfect.

For those who are still paying attention to Chinese football, despite cursing Chinese football, they are looking forward to the success of Chinese football all the time.It is in the contradictions of this year, we have accompanied the Chinese Super League through 2022.In the face of a new year, people are still looking forward to: entering 2023, when all aspects of Chinese society gradually tend to normalize, the probability of Chinese football will also tend to be normalized.Perhaps this is where the hope is, and the biggest wish of all football people on the first day of the New Year.


The survival of the fittest is the king!

Back to the 2022 season of the Chinese Super League itself.To some extent, the 2022 Super League can complete the game in such a difficult environment, and it is already a miracle to some extent.Regardless of whether it is the preparatory group of the Football Federation or the various furniture music departments, after all, the operation of the entire league can be completed by a certain person or a department.Just like the opening ceremony of the league can be opened smoothly in the Haikou Division, and tens of thousands of fans can be poured into the scene. Under the kind of environment at that time, if there was no local government and the support of the one -level department, and the epidemic prevention department’s strength, the efforts of the epidemic prevention departmentWith it, it is impossible.In the case of a comprehensive recovery of the main and away system, many local clubs do not have the support of the local government departments and the cooperation of other departments, and it is not possible to successfully play the league at home, although the empty field is a helpless choice for most balls.Of course, this is not to decorate the peace, but to say that the perfect existence exists in theory and ideals.As the Qatar World Cup in 2022, all parties praised them at the end of the end, and even described it with “best ever”, but some people still expressed various dissatisfaction with this World Cup.After all, the position, angle, and position of each person is different. It is difficult to have the only standard answer in this world, and the same is true for the Chinese Super League.

However, when the representative teams of the Jin and Yuan dynasties such as the Guangzhou team and the Hebei team are declining, we should see that when the Chinese professional league is about to usher in the 30th anniversary, the 10th new champion team is born.EssenceMoreover, in the past season, for the first time in the Chinese professional league, four new records of promoting horses have been relegated, and even three promoted horses broke into the top five.In addition to the three town teams won the championship, the Zhejiang team achieved the best results in history and returned to the AFC Champions League after 12 years; Chengdu Rongcheng Team also failed to win the AFC Champions League only because of the fewer net wins.The qualifications are also the fifth place in history.To some extent, this is the beginning of Chinese football.The fundamental harm of the “Golden and Yuan Times” to Chinese football is that capital must evolve Chinese football from a mass movement into a niche movement. I hope to maximize its own interests by implementing monopoly.The original intention of the development of professional football was completely running counter.But now, more small and medium -sized enterprises or companies are involved in the football family. They do not burn money as before, but do good results and achieve good results. Such a leading and guiding role is undoubtedly more convincing.EssenceAt least, several promoted horses such as Sanzhen, Zhejiang, and Rongcheng are not good for the money to smash in the Jin and Yuan dynasties. They are based on their own reality and implement the standards and regulations of the professional clubs developed by the Chinese Football Association.EssenceIf the current environment of Chinese football can be further governed, there may be more small balls “head”.

In the 2022 season, the “Eight Champions” Guangzhou team and another representative of the Jinyuan era, the Hebei team unfortunately downgraded, including the current Wuhan Yangtze River team, which is currently in the center of the vortex, is eliminated. It may not be a good thing.This is far more scientific and reasonable than dealing with these “hinders” clubs through administrative means.

Because of this, many people who really love and care about China are looking forward to the new Super League: the 2023 season may not be worse than the just 2022 season.The establishment of a health league can not be completed overnight, and it takes time to digest and accumulate slowly.What the Chinese Super League needs to avoid is like the Xinjiang Tianshan Snow Leopard in the Chinese League. In the past few years, it has repeatedly relegated but had to return to China A, thereby dragging the entire Chinese League.The less such a goal, the more pure the professional league, the more bright the prospects.This is the life we expect.


Stability is the way of success

Endless life is the driving force for social development and progress, as is the same on Chinese football relying on Chinese society.When we lamented the three -year three -year three -year -old three crowns and three promoted horses broke into the top five, a common feature of these club teams was stability.Similarly, as the “double crown” in the 2021 season, Shandong Taishan, despite the frustration of the defending league championship, has also been a relatively stable club over the years, and the Shanghai Harbor Club is no exception.

Check out the standings of the Chinese Super League in the 2022 season. Many traditional strong teams have not achieved good results in the past season. It is not just that foreign aid failed to be in place or the level is not high.Including funds, there are more or less wages.Coupled with the real difficulties encountered by the parent company or parent company behind the club, it cannot be put into the operation of the club normally.Therefore, the results of the entire team have emerged.

However, overall, the 2022 season Super League is actually another adjustment season for Chinese football. In the case of a significant reduction in the professional league in the Jinyuan era, all aspects need to have an adaptation process in all aspects. Whether it is the club itself itselfOr the team itself, including coaches and players, are naturally indispensable for fans. All aspects need to accept reality and adjust their mentality.In this context, those relatively stable clubs, or more straightforward, is a club that can issue wages and bonuses on time, the team’s performance is naturally better.

Moreover, from the perspective of aid, the Super League Club is constantly adjusting according to the actual situation. In the next period of time, it is impossible to introduce world -class big -name stars.It also takes time to explore and adapt.

In the past, the so -called world -class big -name coaches in the Chinese Super League often tens of millions of euros (USD), but in fact, in the past season, the Spaniard Joe Di, who led the Zhejiang team to achieve historic good results,The fifth place Xu Zhengyuan, etc., such practical foreign teachers may be the future direction.They are not famous, but their stomachs are indeed “stock”, so that the team’s overall, including technical and tactical play has made great progress, and the team’s kick and development direction meet the development trend and trend of world football.It is a foreign teacher needed by the Super League.Moreover, one of these practical coaches in common is that the amount of training is large, rather than in the past, the so -called world -class big -name foreign aid for training and competition.

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