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Madexing: Seeing football changes to start my 7th World Cup journey

Source: Madexing Dexing Club

Seventh session

After an interview with Chinese football in Europe, I finally came to Daha and waited for the 22nd Qatar World Cup in the 2022 of this year’s world football. From the first time I watched the World Cup through TV in 1982, to the World Cup report in 1994, and then to the scene to interview the World Cup for the first time in 1998, I will start my seventh World Cup interview.


In the past 21 years, I have witnessed the changes and development of Duoha

(In December 2019, I went to Duha to interview the World Cup)

As early as September 9 this year, the author came to Duoha first, attended the opening ceremony of the Lusser Stadium in the World Cup finals, and experienced the World Cup atmosphere of Doha in advance. How many times do you want to say? I can’t remember. Starting with the Chinese Men’s Football National Team in 2001, he participated in the top 10 games and Qatar, and set foot on this “projectile land” for the first time. Especially in the 190s, the Chinese national teams at all levels were often invited to West Asia and Domha to participate in the competition. The author was fortunate to follow.

Take the epidemic as the time node. The last time the author came to Dhahha on the spot before the epidemic, the World Cup in December 2019 in the World Cup. Subsequently, the global outbreak broke out. Except for the author’s not reaching too many haha ​​in 2020, the author came to Daha with the Chinese men’s football team from the end of August 2021 to participate in the top two of the Top 12 World Cup qualifiers in the World Cup. Wheel competition. Of course, during that period, because of the needs of epidemic prevention, except for hotels, competition venues (Harry Fa Stadium), and “three o’clock lines in the university), there is no chance to go out alone. Therefore The various efforts and actual effects made by the World Cup have no concept. But when I came to Doha again in September this year, the author has deeply felt the impact and changes of the World Cup on Qatar and the Middle East Island country.

(In September 2021, followed the national team to participate in the first two rounds of the 12th round of the Top 12, and trained in the university town training venue)

To some extent, it is no exaggeration to say that the author has witnessed Qatar’s development and rise in the past 21 years. Therefore, when Qatar was “ugly” at the moment, the author didn’t take it for granted. For external public opinion and comments, we need to have our own judgment, and it should never be “listening to the wind is rain.”

The easiest example, Qatar’s landmark building, Torch Tower, was newly built by Doha to host the 2006 Asian Games. The Harry Fa Stadium in front of the Torch Tower is also one of the eight World Cup stadiums. But 21 years ago, when the author followed the Chinese team to the Top Ten Top 10 group stage, there was a desert around the Harry Fa Stadium, and there was only one stadium. Today, there is not only the torch tower, but also the well -known “Asbel Academy”, which is well known in the domestic fans, has become a well -known youth player training college in the world. After being injured, the big -name star came here for surgery or rehabilitation treatment. As for the development and changes of the buildings, various attractions, and traffic in the downtown area, there is no need to say more. As a result, the criticism and controversy of all kinds of San Dao and four seemed meaningless.


The unique experience of the Daha World Cup

(After receiving the Qatar World Cup interview certificate

Of course, these are not really concerned about the writer. After all, this time coming to Duoha is an interview with the World Cup. At the beginning, when the former FIFA chairman Blatt expanded the World Cup from the 24 teams to the 32 team, the time of the world football opposite, determined that the FIFA led by Blatt only stared at the money, and was completely commercial. It has been transformed, and the expansion of the army will greatly lower the level of competition in the World Cup. In the 1998 World Cup in France, after the French absent from the last World Cup, the Yakai team led the team to the World Cup for the first time. I was fortunate to personally experience the scene. After a lapse of 28 years, when the World Cup in the North American Three Kingdoms will further expand to the 48th team in 2026, why did Invantino and his FIFA put “commercial interests” first? And the last 32 -team World Cup, the author came to the scene again.

From the 1998 World Cup in France to the World Cup in Russia in 2018, the deepest feeling of the author’s interview is “tossing”! The so -called “tossing” is to watch a game, especially those strong teams, you need to rush to another city from one place or train. During the entire World Cup, people’s energy is basically consumed on the end of the end. The scenes that can really go to the scene to watch the game are limited. Moreover, the land area is not small, such as France, South Africa, Brazil, and Russia. It takes one hour to rush to another zone from one region, and it takes five or six hours. As for the 2002 Korea -Japan World Cup, it has to cross two countries.

Therefore, in the past six World Cup interviews, a competition can watch about 20 games on the spot, which is already a great performance. What’s more, during the entire interview, you need to write daily work such as manuscripts and photos. As for resting and sleeping, many times can only be completed in the process of rushing.

However, this Catal World Cup may be the most troubled World Cup to date. During the entire World Cup, everyone only needs to stay in one place, and they can move in various stadiums and watch as much as possible to watch as much as possible. Just like the author’s interview in a single game this time, he had originally imagined whether to apply for all 48 games in the group stage stage, but in the FIFA system, a reporter can only choose two games a day a day to choose two games a day. Contest. But even so, the author also applied for 25 group stages and received the passage of FIFA. If all the applications can be seen, the game of this World Cup Lighting Group stage exceeds the number of live views of any previous World Cup. This is the unique experience of the Dohash World Cup. In the future World Cup, with the further expansion of the number of participating teams, any small country like Qatar will rely on the power of one country, and I am afraid that it will not be possible to host it at all. Therefore, as a reporter or a fan, if you want to watch the game as much as possible, I am afraid that it is impossible to have the experience of the Qatar World Cup. Therefore, the benefits and convenience of small state -owned and small national office competitions, so many participating teams are concentrated in a 10 -kilometer -wide area. Whether interviews or fans chasing stars, it is quite convenient.


The Seventh World Cup has undergone changes in communication

Back to the World Cup itself. As a reporter, of course, its primary task is to spread various information and interviews. From the first expansion of the World Cup in the 1998 World Cup to 32 teams, to the last time in the World Cup, 32 teams participated. I have to say that during the first six World Cups interviewed, each time is the channels, communication methods and communication methods. Change and development iconic moments. Just as since its establishment of the World Cup, the revolutionary spread during the period is to shift from broadcasting to TV, including many of my fans, including me, the first large -scale watching TV broadcast was the 1982 World Cup in Spain, from black and white TV to to black and white TV to to Later color TVs gradually evolved into 720P (HD), 1080P (full HD), 2K to 4K. This has to be attributed to the development of modern high -tech.

On the other hand, from the perspective of spreading channels, when the Internet is not born or has not yet developed, the channels for people to obtain information are relatively single. Except for TV, fans are eager to understand the content outside the court. As a result, newspapers have become the most important way in the 1989 and 1999 and the beginning of the century. At that time, there are their own daily newspapers and evening newspapers, but as a professional media, the Sports Weekly is still one of the most popular newspapers. Therefore, from 1998, to the following 2002 and 2006 World Cup, as reporters on -site interviews, the amount of manuscripts that need to be completed every day was at least 10,000 words. In addition, in order to grab the latest news, the newspaper is affected by the time difference, and the interruption time is quite late. It is often written by watching the competition and writing a manuscript on the reporter’s seat. Of course, the complete game can only be watched after returning to the hotel after the game.

With the comprehensive rise of social media in South Africa, the most impressed by the author was before the opening, and before the opening, the Chinese national team went to Li Niwang Island to participate in a warm -up match against the French team. At that time, within the scope of China, everyone broadcast the battle of China and France through the “Sports Weibo” on -site graphics. This is the first time in China to broadcast a football game through social media. After that, during the World Cup in South Africa, the author also fully involved in the use of social media.

Of course, the concept of social media itself is constantly changing and developing. From the past graphics to today’s video, short video platforms, it can be fully lived until now. It must be acknowledged that this year’s Qatar World Cup match has undergone subversive changes in the 1998 World Cup in France. Although the newspaper is still alive, if you do not use the social media communication platform, survival will be more difficult. This has to be said to be the result of the development and social development, and the result of scientific and technological development and progress. Like this World Cup, although it is only the second World Cup using VAR technology, the intervention of high -tech has introduced the offside automatic recognition system, making the football game itself complicated. Correspondingly, interesting may be further reduced, because in the past, there were disputes about offside or not. After a few days of discussion, high -tech intervention can make people taste boring.

The development of science and technology has allowed the topics such as “new stars” before the World Cup reporting period. In existence, almost every participating player who participated in the team is famous forces, making people know the bottom. So what should the World Cup look at? How will the development of technology affect the changes in the World Cup football game? No one can predict.

The World Cup will also advance to the times, let alone reporters who are engaged in reporting. Only in accordance with the trend of the development of the times, as a media talent, it is possible to take the wind and waves, find their own place and be invincible. There is no age in this battlefield, and the results and effects are still the only criteria for judging. This may be the deepest perception when I start the seventh interview with the World Cup.


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