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Madexing rumor Li Tie has fight with Guojiao: The cost of making rumors is too low

Source: Madexing Weibo

The cost of making rumors is too low, especially about various rumors about Chinese football, almost no cost, open mouth, nonsense, and use domestic fans to “anger their anger” for Chinese football, which soon causes resonance or even further further.Various fermentation.For example, the latest news about the national team- “fighting”.

I am the only one with the 40th preliminaries of the Qatar World Championship. During the Top 12, in addition to me, there were one of Xinhua News Agency and three of CCTV, with a total of five journalists.If the so -called “fighting incident” occur during this period, five reporters cannot know or understand, and it is impossible to close their mouths without principle!The actual situation is that the so -called “fighting” incident in the news has not occurred at all.

If you ask if there is a small conflict between the players and the coach?Once, it was the team’s time when the team ended the Saudi away game in the top 12.This is the case: there are strict discipline requirements within the national team. During the three meals a day, the national team clearly requires anyone to bring a mobile phone into the restaurant during the meal.But during that period, a player entered the restaurant with his mobile phone, and he kept watching and making a sound.Then the coach Li Tie entered the restaurant and saw what the player was watching, and asked why he did not comply with the team’s regulations, and took your mobile phone to enter the restaurant?The player lowered: It is not hindered to see it yourself.Li Tie was furious, and the player’s mobile phone was still on the ground.After that, the player was selected for the national team for violation of the team.

From the perspective of protecting the players, this matter is not public. After all, the players are still young, and there will be a long way to go in the future.And when confirming that it was defeated, he did not want to let the player fall into the storm of “because of the not observing the team” on the grounds of the player’s “family reasons”.

In addition, the entire team did not have any other accidents during the entire 40s and the top 12.But unfortunately, to this day, Li Tie, the former head coach, has caused various speculations and even the “breaking news of breaking news””.

The so -called “breaking the drums and pushing the walls.” There are neither interviews with the team nor on -site interviews, only various rumors, various gossip, and various speculations, and then the so -called “”Breaking the news”, this approach may not be desirable.More importantly, the so -called “breaking news” about Li Tie and the national team recently came from the mouth of people outside, and I am afraid that it is worth a question mark.Whenever a little common sense, thinking, and judgment, you can clearly know whether the so -called “breaking news” is credible.

The overall Chinese football has been disappointing over the years, especially the achievements in the competition make Chinese fans quite dissatisfied.As fans and reporters, we can criticize and accuse, but we firmAll kinds of “out of nothing” and “nothing wrong” are a desecration of “football reporter” and “football media people”!

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  1. Looking at the sex of your Guangdong fans, there is a reason for your Guangdong football.

  2. serious support!I want to expose a fierce material, and after the national football team eats the sea cucumber, I will take drugs and kill people!Never rumors, whoever has no conscience is not a person.

  3. He is not a man, it makes sense, it is difficult [Haha]

  4. At that time, the reports were well known. This huge “sightseeing” team was world -famous. The good words of their good words were recognized rumors. This is the truth.

  5. Monkey fans, are you from China?

  6. Monkey fans, are you Chinese?

  7. Ma Wudi World Cup actually said wildly that the World Football Team settled in the Argentine championship. This kind of rumor was not responsible.

  8. Do you have virtue, steal the female neighbor next door?

  9. Do you have virtue, steal the female neighbor underwear next door?

  10. There is no red envelope collar

  11. The cost of washing the land is too low. The more he wants to make money secretly, the more you have to disguise as a responsible coach on the surface.| Wall push everyone

  12. Real Madexing!

  13. Yin is not like, the first one may be the largest!

  14. The cost of rumor is not high.

  15. If it is a rumor, why not rumors?IntersectionIntersectionIntersection

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