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Madexing: One has no money and two nobody in Chinese football.

Source: Madexing Dexing News Agency

Chinese football is difficult to be the head

Although the Chinese youth national team has been trained one after another to be busy for their respective competition tasks, the three “brigades” of the Chinese men’s football team can only wait for the year to start training.After all, the Chinese Super League and the FA Cup match have just ended. All players need time to rest after a season of fighting.For the four national names, namely the Chinese men’s football team, the men’s U24 Asian Games team, the men’s U23 national Olympic team, and the Chinese women’s national team, it is difficult to enter the new year.


The difficulty of the national football: one without money and two nobody

When the Southeast Asian teams are fighting the 14th Southeast Asian Championships and the four Southeast Asian teams in the Asian Cup reached the semi -finals, when the Eight Kingdoms of the Bay played in the 25th Gulf Cup in Iraq, the four teams in the semi -finals team were in the semi -finals.When it was born, all fans knew very well: These events were warm -up before the Asian national team prepared for the 2023 Asian Cup finals. At the same time, they would also ask such questions: What is the Chinese national team doing?

Such a problem was actually there as early as last year. When the Asian team arranged for the international A -level competition during the window period of the National Team competition designated by the FIFA in June 2022 and September, the Chinese national team did not have any movement.It is not that the Chinese Football Association and the Chinese national team do not want to organize training and launch the Asian Cup preparation work. It is really trapped in the reality of the epidemic, and the pressure of epidemic prevention and resistance is quite high, let alone participating in international competitions.Therefore, temporarily abandon the training of the national team, including the 99 -year -old U23 national team’s training.

During the past competition, the Chinese Super League often interrupted the national team’s organizational training. In the second half of 2022, due to being trapped in reality, the national football team did not organize training to ensure that the Chinese Super League can be carried out in complete.Moreover, from the perspective of market development and business, when the reality environment is in difficulty, when attracting promotion is facing major difficulties, the original contract is performed as much as possible, which is also a more rational choice in the environment at that time.Therefore, the national team temporarily sacrificed.

On the other hand, before the relevant parties have clearly clarified the management rights of the Chinese men’s football team, the Chinese Football Association is indeed impossible to launch it without authorization. Li Xiaopeng is still the head coach of the Chinese men’s national team.Only after the relevant parties clarify that the men’s football team will no longer be responsible for the “leadership work group” and re -put management rights to the Chinese Football Association can the Chinese Football Association start the next stage of work.Therefore, after the news about the re -launching of the hands -in -chief job of the national football team came out, the outside world constantly questioned the Chinese Football Association’s “what to do early”, “Why can’t I start the hands of the handsome work immediately after the end of the 12th competition”, I am afraid that I would take some of course for granted.It’s right.

However, frankly, the current situation and situation faced by the Chinese Football Association are relatively more complicated than before. The most realistic situation is: three years of the epidemic, which allows the external exchanges of Chinese football.Stagnation is not to have your own relationship and channels.Therefore, the choice of handsomeness may still be through the line of the agent.The same is true for Chinese football. The reason why foreign aids and foreign teachers in the Golden and Yuan dynasties were fired so outrageous in the past, and the role of the agent’s “disgrace” in it may not be said.In addition, due to the influence of the Jin and Yuan dynasties, the impression of Chinese football is solidified, resulting in the price of foreign teachers from the beginning.Today, when the Chinese Football Association re -starts the work of the National Football Team, of course, the brokers will not miss such a good opportunity.

However, a embarrassing reality faced by Chinese football is: one without money, no one.The Football Association is also affected by the impact and impact of the epidemic. It can no longer get more money to hire foreign teachers. Just like several foreign teachers hired after the World Cup in 2002 are all low -priced persons, because the Chinese Football Association cannot afford high salary.As for the coaching of the Chinese team like Camacho and Lippi, they are not borne by the Chinese Football Association or higher -level management department because their salary is used, but with the help of external forces, this also brings huge management to management.Negative effects.Therefore, this time the Chinese Football Association hopes to hire foreign teachers, provided that the Football Association pays salary itself without using external forces to avoid repeating management.However, the “shyness of the Chinese Football Association” is a fact that does not need to argue.

As for the so -called “no one”, of course, it refers to the players, that is, there are not many good players.For example, the legendary Portuguese Quaror (Iranian coach) is a candidate for China, but from Qatar, the Qatar Football Association also intends to hire him to replace the Spanish Sanchez and coach the next national team.One is the team that has just participated in the World Cup. Although there are three defeats in the group stage, young players with potential in the Qatar national team need to say more; one is the largest team with the largest age during the top 12 matches, players with the largest age and 93 age group.Only during the top 12, the national team’s first show and obtained a child ball.As a coach, who is willing to choose between the two?This is probably a topic that does not need controversy.

Therefore, Chinese football cannot pay high salaries, and player talent reserves cannot be compared with Asian opponents. So, why can the Chinese national team be able to find a good coach?This is the reality that Chinese football needs to face!From the perspective of the Chinese Football Association, from the long -term perspective of Chinese football, of course, I hope to find a high -level foreign coach. The reality is far from the ideal.Therefore, so far, the national football team’s choice of handsomeness is not as normal.2

U24’s difficulty: the opponent’s name is not right

As for the current U24 national football team, which is currently led by Yangkovic, the situation facing the Chinese men’s football team is completely another situation with the Chinese men’s football team. To some extent, it is in a more embarrassing situation.As the participating team of the men’s football match in the Hangzhou Asian Games in September this year, the biggest problem before preparing for the Asian Games is probably: how to arrange a series of high -level international warm -up competitions?

With the extension of the Hangzhou Asian Games until late September this year, a more realistic situation is that in the competition calendar that the Asian Football Federation has listed, the first Sixth U23 Asian Cup qualifiers were launched in early September this year.The group stage, that is, the first phase of the Asian qualifiers in the Men’s Football Men’s Football Men’s Football Men’s Football Men’s Football Men’s Football in the 2024. The Football Association of Asian countries and regions originally played the 99 -year -old team as the Men’s Football Men’s Football Team in September 2022, but nowadaysBasically, the 2001 age team has been formed, which starts to prepare for the Paris Olympic men’s football qualifiers.And according to the information currently understood and mastered, most of the teams participating in the Men’s Football Men’s Football Championship in the Hangzhou Asian Games this year will mainly focus on the 2001 age team.

That is to say, most countries and regions in Asia have already “combined one” in the Hangzhou Asian Games Men’s Football Men’s Football Championship and the Paris Olympic Men’s Football Men’s Football Men’s Football Championship, and the Hangzhou Asian Games Men’s Football Men’s Football Championship is the way to impact the Paris OlympicsAn important “training ground”.Only the South Korean team may still establish a team of the Asian Games separately, because this is a major event related to Korean players exempt military service. If they can get the Asian Games gold medal, players will be exempt from military service.

In this case, when other Golds in Asia started preparing for the war, they would invite the same age team to participate, and it was relatively easy to find a warm -up competition opponent.However, because the Chinese team is a 99 -age team, in a series of preparations for warm -up, finding a warm -up competition for the younger team is probably not reached the warm -up effect.If the national team is about, because the Chinese team is basically a 99 -year player, coupled with three oversized players, the opponent may not be happy.

Therefore, in this case, the Chinese U24 Asian Games team may not be so easy to find the opponent’s opponent.This situation encountered the Japanese National Olympic team before the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.Because of the epidemic, the Japanese 97 -year -old U24 Olympic team was difficult to find the appropriate opponent before preparing for the Olympic Games. During this period, they had to start an internal teaching competition with the Japanese national team.In the regular warm -up match, when the team participating in the Tokyo Olympics rushed to Japan for preparation in advance, he arranged a warm -up match during the period.

Similar situations have encountered the 97 -year -old U24 Olympic team in South Korea.However, the two South Korea -Japan teams have to make it clear that the current U24 Asian Games team of the 99th age group in China is relatively high in vocational league levels in South Korea and Japan. Professional leagues in the two countries can support the national Olympic team and even the national teamLet the players stand enough exercise in the league.However, the current level of the Chinese Super League is not high.In this case, China’s national “brigade” needs to participate in high -level, high -quality international warm -up competitions.

Therefore, the issue of the U24 Asian Games in the 99th age is extremely prominent.The only way to take it is that I am afraid that it will play in the international A -level competition in the name of “national team”.However, once so, the possible situation is that the international A -level competition is to be included in the World Team ranking of FIFA. The Chinese team currently ranks 11th in Asia.The national team needs to strive for the top nine in Asia as much as possible and become the seed team in the second stage of the World Preliminaries to ensure that they are not in the same group of World Cup teams such as South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, Australia, etc.Increase the chance of entering the top 18.To play the national team with the U24 team, the probability of losing is relatively larger, and the result will affect the national team’s ranking in FIFA.This is another contradiction!

From this perspective, how can the U24 national football be arranged for the international warm -up competition?It is indeed a headache.Of course, this premise is that the Men’s Football Men’s Football Championship in the Hangzhou Asian Games is a competition at the door of the house. Since the Chinese Men’s Asian Games team entered the quarterfinals in the 2006 Duoha Asian Games, after losing to Iran in the 1/4 finals, there is no longerBeing able to enter the quarterfinals, including the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, the Chinese team is also the 1/8 final.If you still have no chance of fighting at this door, it will be difficult to satisfy the outside world.Therefore, sending out the strongest lineup that meets the rules to fight, and strive to enter the quarterfinals as much as possible, this may become the bottom line of the team.Therefore, this team continues to exist.From another perspective, the biggest situation of the Chinese men’s national team is currently not connected. The players of the U24 national football team will be an important relying on the national team in the future, so that more players can exercise and cultivate more for future national teams to develop moreThe useful talent is also a goal that cannot be ignored.3

Difficulty in U23: The fifth stage is the decision “debt repayment”

In contrast, Cheng Yaodong led the Chinese O23 U23 O23 Olympic Team in 2001, neither the problem of choosing handsome in the national team, nor the U24 Asian Games team cannot arrange a high -level warm -up match, but this team is actually actually the team.There are also their own troubles, and the root cause of this trouble is that the higher management department decided to abandon the game.

Football is a inherited project, and in accordance with the relevant regulations of the AFC competition, the results of the first competition will often determine the draw and group draw of the next competition.Take the U23 Asian Cup as an example. In October 2021, the Fifth Asian Cup qualifiers of the Asian Federal Union will play in groups.Entering training.At that time, because of the epidemic, the Chinese Football Association imagined that the team would arrange the team to participate in the Tagikistan to participate in the charter.The team also needs to strive to create a relatively favorable competition environment for the team in the future.

However, when the Football Association reported this solution to the higher -level management department, it was rejected because the health of athletes need to be considered during the epidemic.Although the Football Association has repeatedly hopes to participate in the competition from a professional perspective. If it does not participate, it will directly affect the preparation of the Paris Olympic Games in the next 2024, but the management department’s decision will not be able to change it.In desperation, the Chinese Football Association can only declare abstain.From the perspective of the first competition, the players of the 99th age team have only had an international competition opportunity, and the far -reaching impact of the retirement is directly affecting the 2001 U23 Olympic team led by Cheng Yaodong.

According to the Asian Football League’s competition regulations, the first September U23 Asian Cup qualifiers will be performed in early September this year, that is, the first stage of the Asian qualifiers in the Men’s Football Championship in the Paris Olympic Games in 2024. The AFC will be based onIn 2022, the Fifth U23 Asian Cup score was grasped and drawn a lottery.Assuming that all the members of the subordinates of the AFC register for the competition, the host Qatar team directly obtains the qualifications of the final competition and does not participate in the qualifiers, then the Chinese team will become the fifth grade team, the worst -grade team.The Chinese national team at all levels for the first time in the qualifiers for the first time instead of participating in the fifth grade in the final competition.

The division of the Asian teams is as follows:

The first gear: Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Iraq, Vietnam, Turkmenistan, Thailand, Jordan;

The second gear: UAE, Iran, Kuwait, Malaysia, Tajikistan, Barin, Myanmar, Cambodia, Syria, India;

Third gear: Singapore, Yemen, Kyrgyzstan, East Timor, Lebanon, Oman, Laos, Palestine, Mongolia, Indonesia;

Fourth gear: Chinese Taipei, Bangladesh, Philippines, Hong Kong, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal;

Fifth gear: Afghanistan, Brunei, China, North Korea (both retired), Bhutan, Pakistan, Guam, Macau, China, and North Mariana (none of them participated in the last competition).

It should be pointed out that because the AFC has made a decision: the qualifiers of the Asian Youth Competition no longer divide the East Asian region and the West Asian region, but a mixed public lottery.This means that the U23 O23 O23 O23 O23 in China will encounter at least the first and second -grade two strong teams in the future qualifiers group stage.The entire qualifiers are divided into 10 groups. The first place in each group plus five teams with five best results in a total of 15 teams, coupled with the host Qatar team to participate in the final stage.This will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of strengthening the Chinese National Olympics from the qualifier group stage.

Not only is the results of the displacement of groups unsatisfactory, but in the future schedule, the Chinese team is the fifth -grade team, and the final round of the future qualifiers will be empty.Unless the Chinese team has locked the team’s qualification after the four rounds, the final round will watch the opponent “play” and determine the Chinese team’s fate.Of course, the more fatal is because the overall strength and level of the age group in 2001 are limited. Don’t forget: In the 2020 U119 Asian Youth League qualifiers, the U19 National Youth Team of this age was not qualified for the final stage.

Of course, in the face of this embarrassing situation in 2001, the national team management department is also trying to reduce the loss as much as possible. One of the solutions is to hopes to host the Olympic qualifier group stage and use the host of the host to use the owner of the host.To make up.It is understood that there are currently many places that the Chinese Football Association’s willingness to host. After all, after three years of the epidemic, many domestic places also need such high -level international events to enhance the local football atmosphere and improve the football market.4

Difficulty of women’s football: expectation value urgently needs to cool down

Compared with the Chinese men’s football, the scene and survival of the Chinese women’s football team are much better, and Chinese fans are also generally highly hoped for women’s football.But to some extent, the pressure on Chinese women’s football team is far more than that of the Chinese men’s football team, and even the current Chinese women’s football team urgently need “cooling” and “down tuning”.This is not a question of whether there is any confidence in women’s football, but the development of the entire world women’s football is far beyond our imagination.

After the Spring Festival last year, the Chinese women’s football team bravely won the Asian Cup champion under the circumstances that they were generally not optimistic, and reached the top of Asia again after 16 years.On the one hand, the women’s football girls are ashamed and hard -working; on the other hand, because the opponent does not attach enough attention to the Chinese women’s football team, it still evaluates the Chinese women’s football team in the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Women’s Football Championship.But now, the Chinese women’s football team will definitely become the target of the criticism after re -reaching the top of Asia.More importantly, affected by various factors such as the epidemic, the overall strength of the Chinese women’s football team has not changed much.On the contrary, the mentality of women’s football girls has some subtle changes than in the past.

Although the Chinese women’s football team has gradually grown at present, 13 people have played overseas so far, we must see that: Chinese women’s football players who can break through in the European and American mainstream leagues are still inThere are no players who play in the highest level of English Women’s Super League, while there are 3 people near Japan.Even the Chinese women’s football girl who played in other European leagues has not obtained the number of appearances and appearances in stability.In addition, the situation that is different from Chinese men’s football players is that the Chinese women’s football team has sponsorship because of the overall sponsorship. The women’s football girl goes overseas to stay abroad. Although the salary of overseas clubs is lower than that of domestic clubs, because the sponsors have this subsidy, they have subsidies in this regard.This also largely promotes women’s football girls to stay more abroad.Therefore, the quantity is just a superficial phenomenon, and it is necessary to see the appearance.Of course, this is not an opposition to women’s football girls.Instead, I want to say: Don’t be fascinated by the eyes. I really think that the Chinese women’s football team enters the quarterfinals and even the semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -semi -se ate.

In 2023, the Chinese women’s football team faced three major events, namely the Women’s Football World Cup in July and August, the Hangzhou Asian Games at the door of September, and the second phase of the Paris Olympic Games qualifiers in October.There are clear requirements for grades, even higher than before.Frankly speaking, domestic fans’ attention to women’s football is only when they stay in the Intercontinental Contest. There are not many people who are in the league such as women’s super and women’s football teams everyday.

In the 2019 World Cup women’s football competition, the Chinese women’s football team qualified and entered the top 16. In this competition four years later, the outside world generally feels that it should enter the top eight, otherwise why would it reflect progress?However, the situation of the Chinese Women’s World Cup Group Tournament is actually quite grim, especially like the first battle against the Danish women’s football team.And at the end of the same group against the new European women’s football champion England, the overall strength of the Chinese women’s football team is still quite large.How to avoid losing a big score is probably more realistic.

In the Hangzhou Asian Games in September, the outside world must ask the Chinese women’s football team to win the gold medal.On the one hand, the Chinese women’s football team reached the Champions League finals in the last session; on the other hand, the Chinese women’s football team has won the Asian Cup championship, so the outside world will think that there is no reason not to win the gold medal!Although the Australian women’s football team does not participate, in the face of North Korea, South Korea and Japan, the Chinese women’s football team does not have to win.

As for the October October Women’s Football Qualifiers, the situation is even more severe. Under the situation where only two representatives of Asia participated in the Olympic Games, the whole situation is “five grabs and two”, that is, the Chinese women’s football team will be with the North Korean team, the Japanese team, the Australian team, and South Korea.The team strives to two of them.Can it be promoted and among the decisive third stage competitions in the second stage of October?This is another severe test of the Chinese women’s football.

Under this situation and heavy pressure, the most needed at the moment is to “cool down” the girls of the Chinese women’s football team. The road to revival of the Chinese women’s football team is still long and difficult.

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