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Madexing: Foreign aids must clean the world to clean the middle business purification of footballs-Summary of the Super League 2

Source: Madexing Dexing Club

Clear the middlemen

In the 2022 season, the Super League has come to an end. Although there are miracles of “three years, three championships” in the three towns of Malaysia Wuhan, the Super League of the “Hou Jinyuan Times” seems to be difficult to get rid of the iron law since the professionalization of Chinese football in a short time -Foreign assistance determines the world.The Guangzhou team without foreign aid and the Hebei team did not relegate unexpectedly; the three towns and Taishan Shuangxiong fought until the last round that the world was determined. It was precisely that their foreign aid played a decisive role.Therefore, the basic law of “Super League depends on foreign aid” has never changed.


It is difficult to escape the level of all Chinese class

Under the impact of the epidemic, the 2022 Chinese Super League was more deserted and bleak than the previous two years. The clubs were influenced by the parent company or enterprise.But even if it is difficult, the club still wants to introduce foreign aid or replace foreign aid.Of course, the value of worth cannot be compared with the “Golden Yuan Age”.Both the team coach or the club’s managers are very clear: the team has left foreign aid, and it is basically difficult for local players to make a difference.Therefore, after the secondary transfer window was opened, although Dalian people who had previously fought in the Chinese class, the Dalian people who had played in the whole Chinese class introduced local players such as goalkeeper Wu Yan, but used foreign aid places to introduce 4 foreign aid in one breath.However, these four foreign aids played average as a whole.The heated discussion on “pressing” caused by the Dalian people at the beginning of the 2022 season also calmed down because of the increasingly strong foreign aid.

Mentioned the mid -season guidance of the Dalian people, but just wants to explain the dependence of foreign aid in the superior team.At the beginning of the season, it is also relying on Guangzhou City, which is hardly carried by the Quanhua Class. After changing the head coach twice in a row, Li Weifeng also completed the second relegation mission in his career in his career. HoweverThe role played by people after returning to the team in the second half of the half stage may not be underestimated.As for Shanghai Shenhua, although more games were played in the team’s team, Cameroon Foreign Aid Basego scored the goals in many key games in the first half of the year, especially the shooting rate of the penalty penalty.The score, so when the Chinese Football Association implemented a policy of arrears deduction, the Shenhua Club was somewhat unreasonable.

The Guangzhou team, which has been playing in Quanhua Class throughout the season, replaced the head coach during the “two turns” period, allowing meritors Zheng Zhi to return and re -handsome, and also added signing up for Hao Junmin, Li Xuepeng, Zhang Xiuwei, Rong Hao, Huang Bowen, and Huang Bowen,Zhang Chenglin and many older qualification players, despite the improvement of the team’s strength, because of the leading of foreign aid, the Guangzhou team eventually could not escape the delegation.As for the Hebei team, during the “two turns” period, they did not even supplement local players. Relying on a group of youth military security systems, they eventually set a 23 consecutive rounds of defeats and records, and the earliest lock -ups were locked.

In fact, all the Guangzhou team and the Hebei team spent a little money to introduce and highly cost -effective and highly cost -effective foreign aid. Just like the Guangzhou team, it was introduced from China A, which was introduced from China A.Practical foreign aids such as Canter may be completely different in the results of the entire team.After all, the Guangzhou team only scored 24 goals throughout the year, and the Hebei team scored only 18 goals.

The excellent foreign aid of the Super League of the Jinyuan Times basically focused on the Guangzhou team and the Hebei team, especially on the front line, which was almost a big big foreign aid. Local players rarely had opportunities.But in the post -Jin Yuan era, the two clubs moved from one extreme to another, completely abandoning foreign aid.As a result, the relegation may not be normal.

I am more able to explain the problem.In the first league, Cangzhou, Hebei, Guangzhou, and Guangzhou City were almost difficult brothers, and their achievements were quite unsatisfactory.Coupled with the injury of the central defender foreign aid Su Zu, the Oscar was tossing on the front line, and the effect was not good.During the “Two Turn” period, the club dug from Kazakhs the new foreign aids such as Kangter, Zhukov and Owu Su.As a result, Kanter first staged a senior joy to seize three points from the three towns of Wuhan, the leader of Wuhan, which greatly inspired the team’s heart and morale.In the end, Kanter ranked 6th with a 14 -ball scorer list. Oscar, who was originally a key dependencies of the team as a front line, joined Cant and others, and turned into the team assisting king.With the Guoan’s Zhang Dianzhe and the Meizhou team, Kosovic tied to the 7th place in the assistance list, and the role of foreign aid can be described as immediate.


Foreign aid leadership and runner -up disputes

Looking at the championship battle between the three towns and Taishan, it is just because the foreign aids of the two teams are relatively neat at the beginning of the season. After a period of time, they gradually entered the role and played a pivotal role in the team.

Throughout the season, the three towns and Taishan are the two teams with the most goals. The former scored 91 goals. Among the 3-0 or 88 goals due to Tianjin’s abstain from Tianjin, Malkang scored 27 goals and became a one -person.The best shooter in the season; Davidson ranked fourth with 18 goals; Edmirson also contributed 11 goals; Stan Churus scored 10 goals.There are 66 total scores of the four frontcourt foreign aids. If you plus a goal of the Chinese -back Wallace, the total number of goals in the three town of foreign aid has been 67 in the past season.Except for the three towns and the Taishan team, the most goals on the 2022 Super League standings are the Zhejiang team, scoring 64 goals.(If you do not calculate the opponent’s abstain, it is 61 goals.) That is to say, the total number of four foreign aids in the three towns only exceeds the total number of goals of other foreign aids. This is a phenomenon that has not been used before.

The total number of goals in the Shandong team was 87, and the two games were sentenced to win 3-0 due to their opponents abstain. The total number of goals in the actual game was 81.Among them, the newly introduced Brazilian striker Cresan ranked second in the Super Sagittarius list with 25 goals; the Brazilian Moisseus ranked 7th in the scorer chart with 13 goals, but ranked 16 times on the assist list.Three foreign aids such as Felilei’s, Sun Junhao, and Jadessong played the World Cup because of injuries or representing the South Korean team. The status was not small, and the total number of three people scored only 8.This also made the team fail to seize the opportunity to surpass the three town teams and defended.But even so, these 46 foreign aids scored more than half of the team’s total score.It should be pointed out that in the second stage of the league, the three towns continued to lose accidents, which created conditions for Taishan to catch up.In the first stage, the three towns were 9 wins and 1 draw, and the points were far ahead.But the second stage happened to catch up with the National Team competition designated by FIFA. The Romanian national foot Stanqiu had to call back to the national team to participate in the European Union competition, coupled with the injuries of foreign aids such as Malcon and WallaceThe team’s leading advantage was narrowed by the Taishan team to 1 point.And this also illustrates the importance of foreign aid in the three town teams.

Also can also explain the problems of the Zhejiang team.As another promotion horse, the Zhejiang team has won the best league ranking in the history of the club in the past season, and returned to the AFC Champions League after a lapse of 12 years. It is also inseparable from the role of foreign aid.Although the central defender Lucas returned to China due to injury and was absent in the second half of the league, Matthews, Frank, Mu Xiekui, and Evolo and other four medium and frontier foreign aid performed well.46 goals are the same as Taishan.Among them, Mu Xiekui ranked fourth with 18 goals and Davidson’s Davidson.

As a promotion horse, Chengdu Rongcheng eventually ranked among the top five, and I am afraid that it is inseparable from the key role played by foreign aid.Among the 49 goals in the team, Luo Molo scored 12 goals and ranked 10th in the Super League Sagittarius list; and Felipe, who had been known as “parallel imports”, was more in the second half of the league.As a backhand, there were 7 goals after compensating for the substitute, setting the most record of the player in the single season of the bench.Coupled with the 4 goals of Kim Jianyou, 3 goals of Saldania, and 1 goal of mid -defendant Wynehler, the total number of foreign aid has a total of 27 goals, which also accounts for more than half of the total number of teams in the team.

In the first stage of the first season of the league last season, Henan Songshan Dragon Gate scored 23 goals in the first 10 rounds. I have to say that the outstanding performance with foreign aids such as Dorado, Karaga, Adrian and other foreign aidsrelation.However, after entering the second stage to restore the main and away -way system, due to the non -calm of Dorlado, the non -clueless actions of the referee caused the ban on the suspension.Although the team has newly introduced Spanish foreign aid Pina and Argentine striker Cali, the tacit understanding with Kalanga no longer exists, the attack power has been greatly affected, and the team’s ranking has fallen from third to 6th.In the final stage, despite the performance of the team’s performance, it still failed to seize the opportunity to make the club a new breakthrough in the league.

As for the seaport team that was considered the most likely to be with Taishan before the new season. After the largest Oscar of the Super League Oscar was absent, the attack of the entire team obviously could not find the feeling.Although Argentina, such as the two turns, introduced new foreign aids such as Argentine, Balgas and Callon, coupled with the return of Wu Lei and Jiang Guangtai’s assistance, this was actually equal to the team’s comprehensive stove.Although in the end, it was scored with the Zhejiang team, but it ranked fourth because of the small net wins, and has not yet locked the AFC Champions League qualification next season.

Another giant team Guoan’s 2022 season results are also very unsatisfactory, especially at the 30th anniversary of the club, the team’s qualifications for even the AFC Champions League will not be able to get it.More failure.After the arrival of Sweden from Sweden, Adele was obviously dissatisfied with the soil and water, coupled with the trouble of injuries, far from the expectations at the beginning of the season.The Croatian striker Dablo is more like a “parallel import”, which makes it difficult to believe that this is a foreign aid forward worth nearly 2 million euros.On the contrary, Zhang Yingning was more like a foreign aid. He scored 19 goals throughout the season and ranked third in the Super League Sagittarius list.


Clean the middle business purification football

The foreign aid person has the world.In fact, this is an irreversible phenomenon since the beginning of the Chinese Football League.In the 1990s, the era of Old A A, and the role of foreign aid is not particularly obvious.However, with the development of the league and the increasing investment of various teams, the situation of the Super League rely on foreign aid has intensified.

The Super League is not a crime to rely on foreign aid. Not only that, but also the Super League, but the intercontinental field is more obvious.Especially in the AFC Champions League, with the increasing power of Western Asian forces over the years, the AFC has broken the restrictions on foreign aid for the Western Asian powers. In the AFC Champions League in the 2023-24 season, foreign aid will be changed from the current “3+1” change.In the “5+1”; to the 2024-25 season, the AFC Champions League will completely let go of foreign aid restrictions.This is also doomed to be more prominent.

Therefore, the decline of the Chinese Super League is simply attributed to “Golden Yuan Football”. I am afraid that it is still not comprehensive, because it is impossible to spend money on professional football.Moreover, the Chinese Super League wants to revive the constraint, and it is even more impossible to spend money.The question is how to spend money?

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