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Macron: Compared to Messi in the national team, Messi prefers Messi in the club

In the World Cup finals, France will play against Argentina. In an interview, French President Macron was asked Messi.

When asked if he was afraid of opponents like Messi, Macron said: “Messi was an excellent player when playing in Paris. Compared to his national team, I prefer Messi in the club.”

Macron said: “We will go all out, we respect the Argentine team, they are excellent, but the French team is ready. There is no lack of experienced veterans in our team. There are also young players, veterans and young people.of.”

“I believe that the players can have a great chemical reaction. This is a hopeful and selfless team. The 68 million people in France support them behind them. I am also one of them.”

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  1. If Argentina defeats France, Messi will return to Barcelona, there may be many places in the French game

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    XiaoxiaoMuRainSprinkleRiver1 17 12 月, 2022 at 2:43 上午

    No crown, this referee has tendency to Argentina. Argentina against the Australian group stage and the Polish referee against Australia in the penalty area of Argentina.EssenceTherefore, Argentina must not be treated fairly.

  3. Is it far away?Not surprising

  4. The French government has always been rigorous.So France now rely on football brush.

  5. Because Messi of the club, I will not defeat the French team

  6. French government officials always speak on football, which is not appropriate.During the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the French government interfered with the national team affairs and even sent officials to South Africa. The FIFA immediately issued a severe warning. If the official did not withdraw, the French team was punished.South Africa.

  7. Messi: I prefer macaron than I prefer Macron: Compared to Macron, I prefer Macaron

  8. I will talk about it next time.Yun Bei]

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