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Ma Rui Basic Lottery 5 leads the profit list!NBA discrete net profit 178%!



Ball Tong expert prediction basketball

Ball Tong Wednesday Basketball Review: The experts of today’s ball -pass platform continue to play stable. A total of 14 experts have achieved profitability, and 6 have exceeded 1 daily profit. NBA discrete single -day net profit 178%and Robby 151%ranked second; all experts such as Star, Ma Rui, Raul Cardo and other experts have also made a profit! [View all authoritative ball pass experts]

Expert NBA discrete ranks first in the profit list yesterday. The 76VS Raptors and the Blazers VS Nuggets of the two games allowed all the gameplay to play all. 1 group of sessions cut 178%of returns! [NBA discrete to make a string section hit]

The second place on the list is the expert Robbie. The Blazers VS Nuggets and 76VS Raptors are scored in the whole day. [Followed by Tenn Robbie Basket! ]

Expert Ma Rui was also two in the same game yesterday, and 140%of the income was cut on a single day! At present, Ma Rui’s basketball lottery is recommended for nearly 6 of 5, and the first 3rd profit list ranks first! [Ma Rui leads the profit list in the last 3 days]

NBA season playoffs upgrade! How should I choose the basket color, so stay tuned for the unique analysis of the experts! [Click to view immediately] (

The Sina Ball Platform platform is more convenient. Caimin friends scan the QR code below to download the “small cannon APP”. The ball -pass expert is zero distance.

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