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Ma Ning and other Chinese referees ended the World Cup law enforcement.


Ma Ning and Van Gal talked with laughter.

Source: Surging News

On December 8th, FIFA officially announced the list of law enforcement referees of the remaining competitions in this cup. Chinese referees Ma Ning, assistant referees Cao Yi and Shi Xiang are not on the list, which means that their Qatar World CupThe brigade has ended.

Statistics show that in this World Cup, Ma Ning served as six fourth officials in the three rounds of the group stage, and Shi Xiang and Cao Yi respectively served as an assistant referee.


Marin shakes hands with French player Griezmann.

Still lack of experience

Before the start of the World Cup, the Chinese football industry is still looking forward to the three people can participate in the law enforcement of the group stage as a team, but as the competition is deepened, especially after the first two rounds of the group stage have failed to obtain law enforcement opportunities, the outside world gradually realized that the outside world gradually realized that——The opportunity for the Chinese referee to obtain the selection law enforcement has become more and more slim.

Earlier, some media analysis was that the Mainen Law Enforcement International Football League has insufficient experience in other referee experience in the Football Association. He has only two games in the 2019 U17 World Championship, and Iran’s Figani has enforced it for 3 consecutive years.The World Cup is the Men’s Finals of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games Men’s Football finals as a referee.

The UAE Hassan has also enforced the two World Cups in a row; the Qatarians Jasim and Australians Bisse lacked the World Cup law enforcement experience, but they have previously enforced the U20 World Cup, World Cup and other competitions.


Chinese referee Ma Ning (right), assistant referee Cao Yi (second from left) and Shi Xiang (first from left) all went to Qatar.

The data shows that the above four referees enforce 6 group stages as main referees, of which 2 games of Hassan and Fakini are the main whistles, and Jasim and Bisi each enforcement of 1 game.

As the first whistle in Asia, Fargini misjudged the handball foul in the penalty area at the last moment of the Uruguay and Portugal matches, which directly led to the group in Uruguay for the reasons for the net victory.

Although Jasim has several disputes in the law enforcement United States and Wales, he continues to stay in the law enforcement team with the owner of the host.

To a certain extent, FIFA still takes care of the host in some aspects -the human life also exists in the FIFA referee.


Ma Ning is the fourth official of the US VS Wales competition.

Approve of Chinese referee and Chinese football

For Ma Ning, it was regrettable that the World Cup was not able to enforce the World Cup as a referee, but being able to participate in the World Cup to enter the law enforcement team, it has a more positive role in himself and the entire Chinese referee world.

The FIFA President has selected 5 AFC men’s referee teams. Ma Ning’s Chinese team can be shortlisted. The law enforcement of the past four years has been recognized by the AFC and FIFA.

From a age of age, 43 -year -old Ma Ning has no way to enforce the next World Cup. Participating in the Qatar World Cup is the highest point of his personal referee career.

In the meantime, he and Dishang and Van Gal’s two -sided smile on Weibo were on Weibo.

For the Chinese referee world, after experiencing the 20 -year -old World Cup law enforcement list, the finalists of the Ma Ning team will still deepen the recognition of the FIFA and the AFC.

This will also inspire the next generation of Chinese referees and strive to continue to obtain law enforcement opportunities in the new World Cup cycle.


Ma Ning and French coach Dechang communicated on the sidelines.

Ma Ning’s income of $ 85,000

However, I have to say that the FIFA is also controversial.

For example, Sikazvi, who had a serious law enforcement error in the African Cup competition, continued to get the opportunity to enforce the World Cup in the Law Enforcement -at the time of the African Cup, he twice in the 85th and 89th minute of the game sounded the whistle of the end of the game.Voice.

In the World Cup group stage Belgium and Canada, after watching VAR, he refused to judge a penalty for Canada, which once again triggered a huge controversy.

From the perspective of income, according to foreign media disclosure, the basic salary of each referee in the World Cup is $ 70,000, and there are bonuses for each game.

During the group stage, the referee was $ 3,000 per game, and the knockout stage was $ 10,000. The assistant referee and the fourth official group stage were $ 2,500 per game, $ 5,000 per game in the knockout, and the VAR referee group stage was $ 3,000 per game.$ 5,000.

Therefore, after Ma Ning enforced this World Cup with a fourth official as a fourth -degree, he has received a total of $ 85,000 in revenue.

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