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Luo Muluo VS Shandong Taishan FATSIA: Shoot 3 times and scored 2 goals and scored 8.5 points

On November 21, the 26th round of the Chinese Super League, Chengdu Rongcheng 2-1 Shandong Taishan, Luo Moluo was launched, and his data was as follows:

90 minutes, shot 3 times, shoot 2 times, score 2 goals

Touch the ball 66 times, and the success rate of passing is 61%

Try to 2 times, success once

Two times, successful 0 times

Long pass 10 times, success 1

Fight 16 times, successful success, 5 times of manufacturing fouls (the first in the audience)

Lost the ball 23 times (the third in the audience)

Intercept twice, steal 2 times

Reward 8.5 points (the first first)

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  1. The Taishan team is mainly a problem with the coach employees and the lineups. Guo Tianyu and Thor have long proven. Lao Mo and Thor are the best combination in the frontcourt. The coaches were dismantled and used, making people unable to understand this kind of magic operation.

  2. Without Luo Muluo, the Brazilian team has no way to win this time. [Applause]

  3. Without Luo Moluo, the Brazil team has no way to win the World Cup this time.

  4. Losses such as Shandong do not match champion

  5. Not the goalkeeper is too weak, it is Wang Dalei is too strong

  6. Come on Guoan! Intersection

  7. The people of Wuhan thanks to Chengdu

  8. Not he is strong, but Luneng goalkeeper is too weak

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    MeiMountainMilanBrother 11月 22, 2022 at 2:39 上午

    Chengdu maintains league suspense! Wuhan, look at you!

  10. Relying on his own power, Shandong Luneng is darkened. The first distribution, the configuration of the personnel, and the replacement are wrong.

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