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Lukaku has not participated in team training so far, and will be absent from the first round of the group stage.

Lukaku, who was selected into the Belgian national team, followed the team to Qatar on Friday, but so far he has not participated in the team’s practice. It is reported that he might miss the team’s first two games.

Lukaku was plagued by leg muscles injury and has not yet followed the team training. According to reports, Lukaku will miss the first two rounds of the group stage. He will not come back in the third game of Croatia in the third game of the group stage.

Lukaku played 102 games for Belgium and scored 68 goals. He is the chief shooter in the history of the team.But in the past one or two years, he has been suffering from injuries. It has only been played twice for Inter in August.

Belgium will compete with Canada in the group stage, and then match Morocco and Croatia.In the absence of Lukaku, the head coach Martinez would send Babasiay.

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  1. The most afraid of the qualifications for promotion in the first two games.

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