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Lu Ge NBA Basketball Hao takes 7 consecutive reds!Pi Ge knows nearly 9 of 9 of 9



Ball Tong expert prediction basketball

Tuesday Basketball Review: The Basketball Carey Index hit 2 string 1, a single -day profit of 188%! Lu Ge Basin Caihao took 7 consecutive reds, and 334%of the net earnings on the three days topped the list! Pi Ge Basai nearly 9 in 8! [View all authoritative ball pass experts]

Lu Ge’s two NBA predictions were all red on Tuesday. Recently, Basic Caihao took 7 consecutive reds, a single -day profit of 135%, 334%of the three -day profit, and the best record! [Lu Ge Basin Caihao 7 consecutive reds! ]

Basic Carey Index, with a single and 2 string 1 on Tuesday, successfully won 188%of the revenue, with a small popularity, which is conducive to actual combat! [Basketai Kelly Index hit 2 string 1]

Pi Ge knows a goal to continue two full reds, and the basketball record is nearly 9 of 9! A single -day profit of 146%! [Basketai profit selection Pi Brother]

NBA season playoffs upgrade! How should I choose the basket color, so stay tuned for the unique analysis of the experts! [Click to view immediately] (http://lottery.sina.com.cn/qiutong/)

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