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Lottery Index: Spain may dare to buy Switzerland 0-3/1-3?


Spain may be better than Switzerland

At 0:00 on July 3, Beijing time, the first game of the European Cup in the first quarter of the European Cup officially launched, Switzerland and Spain will start at the Krestevsky Stadium in St. Petersburg. According to the official data from the official competition, Spain will win Switzerland within 90 minutes and eventually advance to the semi -finals. Because Switzerland VS Spain, Spain is the so-called “guest team”, it seems it is not difficult to play a score of 0-3 and 1-3!

The difficulty of the Swiss team’s team is not great. When the 1/8 knockout match is both the world champion and the first French team, many people have regarded Switzerland as a “big gift package” for the promotion of France. In addition to the French team itself, there are problems such as hidden prevention hazards and poor status of Mbappe, the Swiss team has also changed the outside world’s impression of their “strong attack and weakness”, scoring 3 goals in two consecutive games. This is the first time since the World Cup in 1954, Switzerland has reached the quarterfinals of the World Championships for the first time. But the very unfavorable news is that the Swiss captain Zaka will not be able to play in Spain because of the accumulation of two yellow cards.

The Spanish team that controls the football should have been stable, but this European Cup always brings fans to make fans barely: the group stage 0-0 Ping Sweden, 1-1 Pinglan, and the regular time of 3-3 Ping Ri Ri. But this year’s European Cup Spain has also created records: 5-0 win Slovakia and 5-3 Croatia to make Spain the first team in the history of Europe to score at least 5 goals in the history of Europe, which is also the first in history. There are 5 teams of different players scored separately. No accident, the Spanish lineup play in the next game should not be much adjusted.

Among the two teams in the last five confrontation history, Spain has achieved two wins, 2 draws, 1 loss, and has a slight advantage. The 4 games that have been in the past ten years are relatively stuck, and the gap between winning the game is only 1 goal. Just. Judging from the recent state of the two teams, I am afraid that this game will not be a gap in one goal. From the perspective of the Lottery Index, the official competition is currently giving the Swiss VS Spain 4.90 (win) -3.35 (square) -1.57 (negative) combination, which is more optimistic about Spain with stronger strength. In fact, it is easy to win.

Judging from the odds of scores, there were millions of lottery explosions of 3-3 betting, and we noticed that the Spanish winning odds of 3-0 in this game in this game was 1 loss, 11, 3-1 victory in 1, 3-1 victory. The odds are 1 compensation 13, 2-0, and the odds are as low as 6.70. It seems that it is not difficult to make it difficult

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