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Longmu Island will host the World Motorcycle Championships and will also build golf courses


Longmu Island Beauty

On November 10th, Beijing time, many sports fans know the famous Motor GP -World Motorcycle Championship. This internationally renowned sports event will be held in Mandarica, Indonesia, Indonesia.

Indonesian Tourism Minister Aliff said in a statement that the MOTOGP competition will promote the development of Longmu Island tourism infrastructure. In addition to the related facilities of the competition, the local golf course will also be built locally. The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism plans to build Mandarica into an important sports tourist destination in Indonesia.

Mandarica is located in the south of Longmu Island, Sinusha, Indonesia. It is a comprehensive marine tourist scenic spot with mountains and coastal landforms. It is also one of the 10 “New Bali” scenic spots developed by the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia. The scenic area is convenient for transportation, only 17 kilometers away from Longmu International Airport.

Speaking of Lombok, for many people, it is a strange destination. Compared to Bali people, it is more like a paradise that has not been disturbed.


Traditional Performance of Sasak Village

The Sasaku village is a place where the Aboriginal people of Longmu. In this village, the living habits of architecture and tribal have maintained traditional characteristics, and have not changed due to external influence. Walking in the traditional indigenous building complex, you can feel the order and atmosphere of the local tribe.

There are three islands on the west of Longmu Island. The Gili Islands are the Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan, respectively. special. Among them, Gili Trawangan is the largest, Gili Meno is the smallest, while Gili Air has a deeper water and is only suitable for diving. There are countless colorful tropical fish and coral reefs in the sea, as if entering a beautiful mysterious world.

Gili Trawangan has attracted many lively young people. As the most gathering island of tourists, the entertainment projects here are also rich and colorful, also known as “Party Island”. During the day, ride on the island, riding a carriage, walking on the street, and not comfortable; the atmosphere of the street at night is full of the atmosphere of PARTY, electronic concerts, beach movies, and BBQ big party.

In addition, it also has excellent diving resources, especially Manta Point. The seawater here is very calm, the blue and transparent sea water, which is the temptation color that makes people cannot refuse. The strange and magnificent creatures on the bottom of the sea show their unique charm to people who like the underwater world.


Plims Hotel Welcome to guests’ specialty pineapple juice

We are very distinctive in Puri Mas, where we stayed in Longmu. Former President Indonesia also arrived here. The SPA here and dance during dinner are very unforgettable experiences.

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