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Lone Ranger needs to show the championship and hope to persuade Dongcic to stay in the team for only 2 years

On December 10th, Beijing time, the Lone Ranger persuaded Dongcic to stay in the team.As we all know, according to ESPN’s Tim Macmahon report, Lone Ranger has persuaded the Dongcic to stay in 2 years. The contract of Dongcic will end the 2026-27 season, but before that, he may submit an application for leaving.

“I think they still have a 2-year window period. This season and next season are even in the summer of 2024. I think they still have a 2-year window period. You know, just like the Bucks to Yannis AditikukoThe same, “Macmahon said.” I think they must persuade Dongcic in that window so that he believes that there is a chance to win the championship in Dallas. If they cannot promise this in the past two years, I will not sit here to tell you,He will take the initiative to apply for transactions or forced transactions. I will only say that he will not be happy at that moment, and he will only ask to leave. “

“I won’t pretend to know Dongcic’s inner thoughts, but I have no doubt that I know the Lone Ranger. I know people who know Luca very well. I don’t think Luka will find excuses to leave.The whole career stays in Dallas. But if he does not make excuses, they will hit his face. This is a problem. “

“He is also a ruthless competitor, which means that he longs for victory and he has won. He won the championship with Real Madrid, and he won the championship with Slovenia. He hated failed.Lose, let alone the NBA game. “

At least before 2025, Lone Ranger must persuade Dongcic to stay, otherwise they may lose Dongcic.(魑))

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