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Liverpool Gate won the 2019 Yaxin Award to defeat Barcelona 2 Giant


Alleyon won the Yaxin Award

At the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony, “French Football” announced the winner of the Yaxin Award in 2019, and Alisone defeated Ter Stegen and Edson.

The Yaxin Award is a newly established award of “French Football” this year, which is the best goalkeeper to recognize the annual performance.The top three of the first Yaxin Awards are Alisone, Ter Stegen and Edson.

In addition to Liverpool and Brazil this year, Alleyon won the Champions League and the American Cup championship. He personally won the Premier League Gold Gold Award, the Best goalkeeper of the European Football and the Best goalkeeper of the year. Today he won the Yaxin Award.

The list of 10 candidates for Yaxin in 2019:

Shiccini, ONANA, Edison, Neuer, Alison, Ter Stegen, Lori, Hamnovich, Kaipa, Obrak.

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