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Liu Shaozi: When I returned to my dream, I dream of fighting for the country from a young age

Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, December 29th (Reporter Le Wenwan) After leaving her hometown for more than two years, when the plane landed at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, Liu Shaozi could not hide his excitement.

“The first time I left home for the first time. When I walked off the plane, I felt a lot in my heart.” Liu Shaoziyang said, “But now, I am willing to be willing. I just want to take this way. I like to face the new one every day.challenge.”

At the end of 2021, Liu Shaozi, from the Wuhan Three Town Football Club, became the first Chinese men’s football player signed by Bayern Munich Club in Germany. The contract was until June 30, 2025.At that time, he had started his career at the Bayern Youth Training Base.

In February this year, Bayern leased it to the Austrian Super League Clagenford Club for one and a half years.According to Andreas Rong, a member of the Bayern Club’s board of directors, if Liu Shaozi is placed in the Bayern second team, he can only play the fourth League of Germany. Ogress may be a platform that is more suitable for his growth.

“In Austria, I am training every Monday to Friday and participated in the league on weekends.” Last season, Liu Shaozi played 13 times in the Clagenford II and became the main goalkeeper of the team.”The rhythm of the professional team’s training and competition is much faster than youth training, and my growth is much faster. Teammates are head seedlings during youth training, and they can quickly integrate them into them. It is a good opportunity for me to be a good opportunity for me”,”

The arrival of the New Year holiday gave Liu Shaoziyang a commendable opportunity to return to China.In the past few days, in addition to accompanying his family, his life still takes football as a round heart. As he said: “Football is interest, career, and life.”

He went to Wuhan Sports Center and witnessed the match between the Wuhan Three Town Team and the Zhejiang Team at the scene, and cheered with nearly 30,000 fans.”Looking at the familiar big buddies to fight for the championship, I scored 3 points for the championship, I am very proud. From the youth training base to the Chinese Super League ‘black horse’, watching the place where my dreams start developed better and better, I am getting better and better.I’m really happy. “

He also returned to the Wuhan Three Town Football Club to share training and competition experience with the teachers of U14.”Just be happy!” Liu Shaoziyang said that this is an important experience. “First of all, slowly cultivate interest and learn the concept of football. After that, you have to rely on himself to” enlighten “and think about what kind of player you want to become.”,”

In his opinion, studying the game videos can help much.”During the competition, athletes’ inadvertent actions are likely to be the best action that they have summarized from tens of millions of training. Looking at the game more and internalizing the movement of excellent players into their own actions, they will improve.”

“My football foundation was laid in the three towns. Now the facilities and equipment of the new base of the club are better, and the educational concept is even more systematic. I am very happy to see that young players have such a good training environment. I believe in the future.They can also find their own position to reach their own height. “Liu Shaozi said.

Although he did not return to Wuhan for a few years, Liu Shaoziyang shuttled in the club building, and there were still many familiar figures who fought, hug, and greet him.At that time, the head coach of the Wuhan Three Town Team Pedro patted his shoulder at that time, and said with comfort: “I have grown taller and strong. I will work hard and look forward to your early return to work.”

After New Year’s Day, Liu Shaoziyang will go to Chongqing to participate in the U19 national team training and prepare for the 2023 U20 Asian Cup.”The national team is a very sacred and collective honor. The battle for the country is my dream since I was a child. I will take the twelve points of spirit to treat every training.”

After that, he will return to Austria to invest in the preseason training.Looking forward to the new season, Liu Shaozi was full of eyes: “I hope I will work hard to train, have a stable appearance, and play a team in Austria as soon as possible.”

“In fact, there are many goals, but I want to step by step and slowly achieve a bigger plan in the future,” he said.

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