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Little Car George Frequent false fakes to provoke the public and samisbly spray coach to resign

On January 8th, Beijing time, the Clippers lacking Leonard and George’s Clippers yesterday lost to the Timberwolves and suffered a 5 -game losing streak.After the game, the commentator Jefferson said that winning a Clippers could not explain anything.Stephen-A-Smith was also angry in the show. If I was Terlen Lu, I would resign as soon as possible.

In the program of “Talkin’s NBA”, Maryka Andrews mentioned the Clippers’ crazy Nuggets 31 competition. She said: “The Nuggets sent a little information to the entire Western Union.”

Jefferson said randomly and said, “You can’t pass any information by defeating the Clippers. This is just my personal opinion.”

Yesterday, the Clippers suffered a 5 -game losing streak. Leonard and George were absent from the competition for physical discomfort and had no sense of tension.This also provoked another dissatisfaction in the studio.

Stephen -A-Smith, who was a guest “NBA COUNTDOWN” program, was angry: “Clippers garbage! Lost to Nuggets 40 points last night., Just wasting life. Tyron Lu, if I am you, I will resign from Balmer and then coach a real basketball team. This team does not want to play, they just want to stay in Los Angeles, this orderPeople are embarrassed. “

Leonard and George frequently falsely leave, which is annoying.I am afraid that the time when Tyron Luquan is resigned, can the two be aware?(魑))

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  1. The face was not needed. The bird -like bird was like it the day before yesterday.

  2. Do I want to know if they take leave to deduct their salary?

  3. The mind card must be rest, and Lu can’t help resign, or exchange with Rivers, or

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