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Little Azar: This season, my brother is very difficult for him to fight on the field.

Belgian player little Azar bluntly said that his brother Azar was injured again, and this season was really difficult.

“This is not a relaxed season for him.” Azar said at the press conference of Italy before Belgium.

But Xiao Azar also pointed out that even if his brother was facing difficulties, he still fighting hard: “He has no reservation, and every time he competes for the ball.Depending on medical staff, I think Belgium has the best team medical group in the world. “

Little Azar hopes that his brother can come back on Friday. “Now worrying is smaller than the worries in Portugal, he will go to the gym at 8:30 and exercise under the guidance of the team doctor.Work hard to return to return as soon as possible. Everyone expects him to play on Friday. “(Sergio)

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