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Little Auntie 4th Basketball Game Recommendation: Net Bulls Follow Small Scores

Nets vs bull

The total score is less than 235 points and below

The Bulls recently lost two games to the Cavaliers, and the state that had just been raised was returned to the original shape. Fortunately, the Wizards have lost to the Bucks today.The winning field is temporarily ranked eleventh in the east. In fact, yesterday’s game, the Bulls had a chance to win, but unfortunately Michell was finally dragged into the overtime, and then touched it again, and then touched again.Shang Mitchell was soaring, and finally counterattacked.

After the Nets played a wave of 12 -game winning streaks, they had successfully surpassed the Celtics and the Bucks, and appeared on the top of the east. Today, the Nets are not only strong and strong, but the internal atmosphere is also quite good.Very happy, Simmons also slowly retrieved the status, plus the recovery of a number of three -pointers, the average three -pointer hit rate of the Nets has risen to the second level of the league, but their three -point shotVery cautious, more depending on the mid -range projection to get points.


In the first confrontation of the two teams in the season, the Nets lost to the Bull at home, but at that time, the Nets were completely different from now. Nowadays, the efficiency of the Net offensive and defensive end of the Nets is very high, especially the defensive Nets can now work hard.Although the inside line is still slightly weak, relying on the collective efforts of everyone and the characteristics of the overall height of the front line, the current frame effect of the Nets can be ranked in the top ten of the league, and then want to kill the Nets.The frame is not so easy.

However, the Bulls, the smallest team, really rely on killing frames. Therefore, in the face of the current Nets, their scores have become very difficult, but the situation of the bull is similar to the Nets. RecentlyThe effect of the box has also entered the top ten levels of the league, and although the Nets hit the three -pointer very high, the average shot per game is 30 times, ranking fifth in the penultimate, so there are no three -pointers balls with a three -pointer.The team’s confrontation, coupled with the good frames on both sides, are difficult to break the conference of such a game.


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